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David Cameron – Are Grey Hair and Baldness Signs Politics is Taking its Toll

David Cameron with Grey patches The Belgravia CentreNobody ever said running a country was easy, and governing one of the G7 nations must be even less so, and the toll is beginning to show on Prime Minister David Cameron ever more clearly. Despite entering Downing Street as one of the youngest British leaders ever, 16 months later the weight of responsibility appears to be catching up with him.

Having recently celebrated his 45th birthday, Cameron has faced some of the sternest tests of his premiership over the past few months which are certainly taking their toll. Photographs of him leaving Downing Street last week reveal extensive grey patches of hair appearing over his ears and at the nape of his neck. This in addition to the bald patch, seen below,  which has begun to appear since he assumed office in May 2010.

Stress – Home and Away

Recent weeks have seen Cameron jetting across Europe to attend various summits aimed at producing a solution to the financial crisis facing the European Union. Many of the meetings have involved covering large distances to attend all-night meetings after completing a full day in Westminster. The economic turmoil demands immediate resolution and as Britain’s representative, Cameron has his part to play.

Further political shenanigans from members of his own Conservative party have further added to Cameron’s workload and stress levels. Despite winning a recent parliamentary vote about offering a referendum on EU membership, the number of Tory rebels caused major embarrassment to Cameron, tarnishing his credibility as a world statesman.

These factors and more could all be having a negative effect on Cameron’s health, some of which can be seen in his hair. Stress is believed to be a significant contributing factor to certain hair loss conditions, suggesting that the role of Prime Minister may come at  a price for David Cameron.

David Cameron Bald PatchWhat is causing the hair loss?

It is most likely David Cameron is experiencing hair loss caused by  male pattern baldness a common condition that can be accelerated by stress.

This a hereditary condition which affects thousands of men worldwide. Caused by a hormonal change which inhibits the growth of new hair cells, Androgenic Alopecia manifests in a number of different ways, although a receding hairline or a bald patch at the crown are the most obvious examples.

Hair at the end of the tunnel

In the past Androgenic Alopecia was an untreatable fact of life which left men little to look forward to beyond using hairpieces. Advances in hair loss medicine however have developed two extremely effective treatments, licensed by the MHRA. These are known as Propecia and Minoxidil and have been proven to promote hair regrowth.

The Belgravia Centre can create a personalised hair loss treatment plan to meet a client’s specific needs, based on Propecia or Minoxidil as required, and supplemented by a number of hair growth boosters, often available free, designed to promote maximum hair regrowth. You can contact us for a free consultation or complete our online diagnostic form to find out about our mail-order treatment courses, available anywhere in the world. With the issue of receding hairlines or patchy baldness under control, you can focus on what is really important. Like saving the global economy.

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