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David Beckham and the Hair Loss that Never Was

Beckham's bald spot The Belgravia CentreThe tabloids and internet gossip outlets are famously quick to pick out slight imperfections in celebrities and create a huge story out of them. Sometimes they are at least based in truth, but other times they have little bearing on reality.

The latter seems to have been the case this week when pictures emerged of David Beckham, along with claims that the footballer is suffering from a bald patch.

Beckham pictured sporting a bald patch?

The picture in question shows David and Victoria Beckham entering a restaurant with their baby daughter in Los Angeles, where David plays for US ‘soccer’ team LA Galaxy. One of a sequence of pictures taken in front of a marbled wall by an elevator, the photo shows what appears to be a bald patch on the back of the footballers head.

The picture has since been circulated widely, with newspapers and online media falling over themselves to suggest that Beckham might be going bald. The Sun asked, “Is Beckham losing his barnet?” AOL lifestyle went with, “Balding Becks? The footballer adds another hairstyle to his repertoire,” while the Daily Mail pronounced: “Goldenbald? David Beckham’s latest look isn’t a patch on the others.”

A hair loss illusion

However, looks can be deceiving. Despite the media’s enthusiasm for adding David Beckham to the long list of celebrities suffering from Male Pattern Baldness, the footballer is NOT going bald, and the photograph is merely an illusion. The Daily Mail’s website shows a close-up of the supposed bald patch. However, a second glance reveals that there is in fact a lock of hair which passes through the ‘bald spot’ and reappears on the other side. This suggests a camera malfunction, not a hair loss condition.

The second picture down meanwhile reveals that seconds later the ‘bald spot’ has in fact moved … and is now on the wall behind him. Odd, to say the least.

So it seems that tabloid speculation about David Beckham’s hair loss was brought about by nothing more than a malfunctioning camera lens.

Treatment for Male Pattern Baldness

While it appears David Beckham is not losing his hair just yet after all, there are many men his age, and younger, who are suffering from  hair loss due to Male Pattern Baldness. Many men experience Male Pattern Baldness, and it has been estimated that half of all UK men will suffer from it to some extent by the time they are 50 years old.

Fortunately though there are a range of effective and affordable treatments available to prevent further hair loss and even re-grow hair. If you suffer from Male Pattern Baldness, the hair loss experts at The Belgravia Centre can help you to reverse the process with a personally tailored hair loss treatment programme. We use scientifically proven pharmaceutical treatments such as Propecia and Minoxidil to treat hair loss, and back these up with a variety of methods and hair growth boosters that we have found to be effective in aiding hair re-growth.

To find out more about how we can help please contact us for a free consultation, or complete our online diagnostic form for a home-use treatment programme that we can post anywhere in the world.

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