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Dating Site Encourages Users to Disclose Hair Loss


A new dating site is subverting expectations by asking users to be forthcoming about their imperfections, such as excess weight, hair loss and personality flaws.

Nobody’s perfect

Settle For Love - Embrace Imperfection - Dating Site Encourages Users To Disclose Flaws Including Hair LossSettle For Love has been created by balding entrepreneur David Wheeler, pictured below using the site. The aim is to encourage people to offer a more realistic representation of themselves than a typical dating site would require.

The strapline of ‘Settle For Love – Embrace Your Imperfections’ neatly encapsulates the site’s ideology. As Mr. Wheeler explains: “Nobody is flawless or perfect. We believe being upfront from the start will not only show one’s personality, but build happier, healthier relationships.

As a former user of dating sites like Match.com and OKCupid, Mr. Wheeler explained he started posting photos of himself that emphasised his balding head, because he didn’t “want girls to think [he was] ugly or looking different … in person.” He also recalled meeting up with several women who had posted photos of their younger selves on their dating profiles.

Dating Site Asks Users To Reveal Imperfections Including BaldingHonest dating profiles

Settle For Love, which is free site and currently running a Kickstarter crowdfunding campaign, asks users to include both flattering and unflattering photos on their profiles, and also requires them to specify their own pros and cons, plus what they would ‘settle for’ in their partner.

Said Mr. Wheeler: “People think that, ‘Oh, this is all about settling. It’s a bunch of losers.’ That’s not what this is about. Our site’s all about just representing who you are.”

The site’s unorthodox approach is attracting attention, and is starting to gain endorsements from its users. Alice, 26, said: “I’m overweight, I’m unemployed, I can be really clingy and I can be very annoying. But I’m also wicked smart and creative and loyal and I like to think I’m funny.”

Afraid of being judged

Dating Site Asks Users To Reveal Imperfections Including Hair LossExperiencing any form of hair loss condition can be traumatic and knock their confidence in general, as well as in relation to their appearance.

The negative effects of hair loss on self-esteem can provide barriers to anyone, but particularly those who are looking for love and are embarrassed by their thinning hair. However, Settle For Love wants to encourage people to be open about their perceived ‘flaws’ in order to help foster happier relationships based on honesty, without fear of being judged.

As Ashley, 23, says in a video diary: “With other dating websites, people are afraid because they don’t want to be judged. They don’t want to be rejected. This website encourages vulnerability and openness.”

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