Daniel Craig – the latest Bond to go Bald?

Daniel Craig - receding temples The Belgravia Centre

Skyfall star Daniel Craig has this week received a stark warning from hair transplant surgeon Dr Asim Shahmalak. “Like Sean Connery before him, Daniel Craig's Bond is receding slightly around his temples,” the doctor commented after seeing Craig in the latest Bond movie.

As previously reported on The Belgravia Centre’s blog, the actors playing Bond have often shown signs of a receding hairline, and at the age of 44, Craig is at a relatively high risk of hair loss brought about by male pattern baldness.

Shahmalak’s diagnosis

Unsurprisingly, Dr Shahmalak suggests that the best way for Craig to repair his hairline is to undergo a follicle replacement operation similar to Wayne Rooney’s high profile hair restoration surgery. “I think he would benefit from 1,500 to 2,000 individual follicle grafts from the back of his head where his hair is still thick and resilient,” Shahmalak said. “That would bulk out his temples nicely.”

But for a man who is just beginning to show the signs of  hair loss, is surgery really the best option?

A second diagnosis

Around half of all men Craig’s age will experience some form of significant hair loss, usually in the form of male pattern baldness. The speed of loss is relatively unpredictable, but once underway, the hairline continues to recede, often leaving men completely bald on the top of their heads like fellow former Bond, Sean Connery.

Here at The Belgravia Centre we specialise in non-surgical treatments for hair loss with a very high success rate. No other clinic worldwide can boast the type of results that have been seen by so many of our treatment users for a receding hairline. The evidenced can be found in our online archive of success stories from former clients, and more specifically on our receding hairline page. For any man, James Bond or not, we would strongly recommend a visit to our clinic to learn more about our techniques and hair loss treatment options.

Super strength formulations for a super spy

The Belgravia Centre uses personalised programmes based around the  clinically-proven medications to treat male pattern baldness. In cases of a receding hairline or a thinning crown - areas that can be especially hard to treat - our specialists often recommend high strength Minoxidil formulations, which have been seen to produce significant results.

Men or women undergoing hair loss treatment at The Belgravia Centre will often also have Hair Growth Boosters included as part of their personal treatment plan. The FDA-cleared Laser Comb looks like it could well have been something invented by Q himself, and is specifically designed to further stimulate cells in the scalp to promote hair regrowth. The HairVitalics dietary supplement is also often prescribed and provides all the vitamins and minerals required for healthy hair growth.

If you find that your hair is thinninglike Daniel Craig’s, why not drop us a line to find out about effective, non-surgical treatments (and for any spies out there, your anonymity and confidentiality is guaranteed!) Give us a call on 0800 077 6666 or contact us online to arrange a free, no obligation consultation with one of our hair loss experts, or complete our online diagnostic form for a home use treatment programme that can be delivered to your door.

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