fbpx Damaged my hairline through plaiting…what should I use now?
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Damaged my hairline through plaiting…what should I use now?


plaited hairName: Lynnet

Question: I am an African woman and l have damaged my hairline over the years through plaiting. l cut the relaxed hair off and l have my natural hair now. I have used T444Z for a year to re-grow it but it hasn’t helped. What should l use now?

Answer: I recommend extra-strength minoxidil cream to help stimulate regrowth if the follicle has not miniaturised completely. Pulling pressure applied to the hair over a long period of time can damage the follicles to the extent that they cannot produce more hair. Minoxidil will help to stimulate growth where possible usually within a period of up to twelve months. Lack of regrowth within this period means the follicle is beyond help. It is also important to stop any hair style that applies pressure on the roots such as plaits, braids, weaves, extensions and other similar hair styles.


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