Cure for Baldness amongst Most Desired Future Inventions

Hereditary hair loss

affects 6.5 million men in the UK, as well as thousands of women. So it may come as no surprise to learn that a recent study revealed a cure for baldness was amongst the top most desired inventions for the future.

Cure for Baldness Amongst Most Desired Future InventionsOur greatest inventions

The poll, which asked respondents what they considered to be the greatest inventions of the last century, also looked at what new inventions people hope to see in future. Email and the internet were listed as two of the last century’s most notable inventions, with pacemakers and keyhole surgery also featuring in the top five.

A healthier future

When asked what they would most like to see in future, some people gave the usual answers, such as ‘a robot that does the housework’ a surprisingly popular choice! But around 20% of those surveyed said they would love a cure for baldness and hair loss, whilst 75% hoped that a ‘cure-all’ pill to treat health conditions would be discovered in the future. Other ideas included the invention of time machines and self-driving cars, the latter of which is already being developed by Google and BMW.

Innovative treatments

View Our Extensive 'Hair Loss Success Stories' Gallery to See Regrowth Results for Over 1,000 Belgravia Centre Patients With so many treatments available that are able to produce the kinds of successful regrowth results seen in our Hair Loss Success Stories gallery, could it not be said there is already a cure for baldness?

Treatment for male pattern baldness

 and other forms of hair loss such as Diffuse Hair Loss, Telogen Effluvium and Alopecia Areata have come a long way in recent years. Specialist hair loss clinics offer bespoke hair loss treatment plans, tailored to each individual which often blend clinically proven treatments with supplementary hair loss boosters.

Finding a cure for baldness

We now know more about the causes of hair loss than ever before, and have realised the importance that a healthy lifestyle plays in maintaining a full, thick head of hair, although this cannot yet prevent genetic hair loss from occurring.
With all the innovations that have taken place in recent years, there is no reason why a cure for baldness can’t be amongst the inventions of the future. Already, scientists and hair loss experts around the world are discovering new treatments every day, designed to halt hair loss and encourage the regrowth of natural hair.
It's worth remembering that there have been huge advances in both surgical and non-invasive hair loss treatments in recent years.
Sufferers can now choose from a range of regrowth products and clinically proven hair loss treatments, as well as hair transplant surgery which continues to improve. Considering all the effective hair loss solutions available, could it not be said that we already have the cure?
Have a look through our extensive Hair Loss Success Stories gallery and see the 'Before and After' treatment pictures which document the results of over 1,000 Belgravia patients, and let us know how close you think we are to establishing a cure.
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