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Cristiano Ronaldo’s Hair Loss


Cristiano Ronaldo's scored number 4 worst celebrity hairstyleThe bad news just keeps on coming for Manchester United’s No7. Cristiano Ronaldo appears to be losing everything – world player of the year titles, his temper, respect and now his hair. Just kidding – Wayne Rooney’s got that issue covered. The slick Portuguese on the other hand has a fine crop of hair, but he has lost miserably in the celebrity hairstyle awards. Instead, the striker has scored the position of number four for the worst celebrity hairdo.

With his pin-up perfect pout and Cheshire cat grin – not to mention his modest nature – you would have thought nothing could stop the striker’s run of sexiest-man-in-football status. It seems his styling efforts and the thousands he must spend on hair gel have let him down, but do people really think his hair is that bad? The 24-year-old arguably has more style than David Beckham did at his age, yet ironically Beckham came in at number five for the best celebrity hairstyle.

At least there’s some good news – in the wake of Real Madrid’s attempts to conclude a deal for winger Frank Ribery, Ronaldo is set to remain at Manchester United for the time being. No doubt this is much to the delight of purveyors of hair gel and eligible local bachelorettes.

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