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Creative Hats and Hair Art Win Awards


Hair Art - Akemi-Bright and Beautiful for the East CategoryThe pixie hairdo is so last year. It’s all about making a big impression with even bigger hair, or so it seemd at the New Zealand Hat and Hair Art Awards, where there’s no such thing as a bad hair day and the most whacky (but inextricably artistic) and extravagant bonnet and barnet creations are paraded on the catwalk.

The show this year revealed some rather imaginative hairpieces that even Lady GaGa would think twice about wearing (well, maybe not!) but the annual exhibit certainly proved the creative talent of the country’s leading hair artists.

The theme this year was “The Four Corners of the Earth” and entrants took inspiration from north, south, east and west to come up with some radical creations such as a hairpiece in the shape of a harp that stretched from head to toe, and a polar bear head hat with rope-like braids of hair falling from the sides.

For women who are experiencing hair loss as a result of cancer treatment, hats and wigs are something that can make a bad situation a little bit more bearable, according to Emilienne Rebel, who is up for a female inventor award after designing hats for other sufferers.

The thirty-three year old the mother-of-two lost her hair while undergoing chemotherapy for cancer. Medical treatments for hair loss can help retain and maintain proper hair growth and prevent further loss for the average 40% of women who will eventually suffer hair thinning, and they can even help stimulate hair growth after the cancer treatment is terminated. But Emilienne said it was during the ordeal that she needed something she could just slip on and get on with her day.

Bold Beanies creator Emilienne is up for a designer award“Scarves would slip and my wig was too itchy. I never found what I was looking for… all I wanted was something comfortable and easy to keep my head warm,” she said.

And so Bold Beanies was born – cotton jersey hats that are designed and presented as gifts, with the hats rolled to look like roses for women or like lollipops for children.

Whether you prefer the comfort of Bold Beanies or the gregarious looks of the Hair Art creations, it’s reassuring to know the level of quality, creativity and wide range of choice available in the hat and hairpiece market if you’re dealing with hair loss.

On the other hand, if you’re experiencing unexplained hair loss, want to find out why and would prefer to know what hair loss treatments can help restore your tresses, contact the Belgravia Centre or fill in a simple online diagnostic form and wait to hear from a specialists for your results and recommendations.

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