Crazy Hair to Commemorate London 2012 Olympics

MK Hair Art The Belgravia Centre

A barber from Cheshunt has created his own novel homage to the forthcoming London Olympics by creating a series of unusual hair styles he calls ‘hair art’. Mucktaru Kargbo, or MK as he is known, specialises in creating two and three-dimensional hairstyles, incorporating hair sculptures, hair tattoos and bright colouring.

Ultimately MK hopes to get his work featured in official Olympic coverage to get his work noticed. “I just want to feature the work that I do,” he said, “whether it is getting my hairstyles in the opening ceremony or on TV. I am going to keep going.”

MK may do all of the styling freehand, but he carefully plans all of his designs on paper prior reaching for the clippers, “There is no room for error in my work because if I mess up I have to wait two to three weeks before the hair grows again,” he explains. “Whereas a painter can just paint over their mistake and a graffiti artist can just spray over it, there is just no option for that with what I do.”

Currently MK is creating a design to immortalise the canoe slalom event in hair art. The 34-year-old hopes that the finished style will feature a canoe with moving oars.

Hair art after hair loss

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