Couples Would Give Up Sex for a Year to Stop Male Pattern Hair Loss

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Clipboard-wielding researchers in New Zealand have been polling men and women across the country to assess their feelings about male hair loss. And the results are nothing if not headline-grabbing.

According to the researchers, 72 per cent of men aged between 20 and 49 would give up alcohol for a year if it meant they didn’t ever have to go bald. Women, meanwhile, were said to be happy to give up wine for a year rather than having their partner go bald.


Of the men in their 20s who were polled, 70 per cent said they would give up sex for a year if it meant they could keep their hair. Though no exact numbers were given, the researchers reported that women across all age groups “were even keener to give up sex for a year to save their partner’s crowning glory.”

The survey results were published on the website, and follow a poll that was commissioned by the German hair care brand Alpecin.

Significant lifestyle trade-offs

Spokesman Dr A Klenk explained: “Losing your hair can affect the way you view yourself and how you believe others view you and we’ve seen New Zealand men would be prepared to make some significant lifestyle trade-offs if it meant keeping their hair.”

The negative effect of male pattern baldness on a man's self-esteem is something India cricketer Mohit Sharma recently admitted to suffering. He blames his lack of form on the drop in confidence he has experienced because of his receding hairline. Similarly, TV personailty Calum Best, who has had three hair transplants to try to address his hereditary hair thinning, has spoken openly about how his hair loss affected his self-confidence.

Men’s concerns about hairloss are both well documented and well founded, with most men affected to some degree by retirement age. Even in their 30s and 40s, millions of men will find that their hair is noticeably thinner than it used to be.

Hair Loss Consultation Trichocheck at The Belgravia Centre

Many, naturally, take this state of affairs very badly, and whilst abstaining from sex won’t stop thinning hair - nor encourage it to grow back - thousands of men are relieved to discover that clinically-proven hair loss treatments can help. Many of our clients here at Belgravia tell us that they want to take action because of the effect losing their hair is having on their self-confidence; many find that as their hair returns, so does their confidence.

Examine the scalp

What typically happens when men take the pharmaceutical route when trying to tackle Male Pattern Baldness, which is an inherited and permanent condition, is that they visit a clinic where experienced professionals will examine the scalp. This is so that everyone can be sure that the hair loss is indeed being caused by MPB and not another condition, such as Alopecia Areata, which tends to manifest itself as sudden bald patches appearing anywhere on the scalp, rather than thinning around the top of the head.

This assessment is also so that the specialist can determine the pattern and level of shedding in order to recommend an appropriately tailored treatment course based on the client's precise needs.

The client is then presented with his treatment options, to inhibit DHT - the biological cause of male hair loss - and encourage new regrowth.

Further hair growth supporting products can be used alongside these front-line treatments, including the HairMax LaserComb, a patented FDA-cleared device which emits low-power laser that stimulates follicles to reduce hair loss and promote hair growth.
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Posted by Mike Peake

In this article: Hair Loss | Male Hair Loss

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