Counterfeit Hair Loss Treatments and the MHRA Fake Meds Campaign

In the never-ending quest to save a few pounds, the temptation to buy cut price medical products online can be only too tempting. Unfortunately, drugs purporting to be treatments for everything from weight problems to hair loss are often fake or out of date prompting the UK Government’s  medical regulatory body to launch a new campaign.

The MHRA’s #FakeMeds campaign was set up to warn people against buying potentially dangerous unlicensed medicines sold by illegal online suppliers, as convictions against unscrupulous dealers steadily rise. In a recent press release, the MHRA announced details of a trial at Southwark Crown Court in which two men were found guilty of importing and distributing 16,800 unlicensed pills.

While the products were not related to hair loss in this instance, over the past few years there have been several occasions in which regulatory bodies have taken sellers who were claiming to be offering legitimate products aimed at tackling shedding to court.

MHRA Fake Meds Campaign Hair Loss Drugs Treatment CautionCounterfeit drugs sold as hair loss treatments

In one incident in Wales, a man was jailed for 12 months after he was caught with more than half a million pounds’-worth of fake health products including some which were claimed to help people with hairloss. The man’s so-called male pattern baldness pills actually turned out to be a drug that was imported for prostate control.

In another case, a man was given a suspended sentence for selling hair loss drugs that were not legally available in the UK. He was caught when investigators from the MHRA took delivery of 28 finpecia pills a product which is illegal for use on hair loss in this country. Alarmingly, the MHRA says that more than half of all medicines bought online are fake.

The issue is far bigger than most people think so much so that the Secretary General of Interpol said recently that counterfeit drugs are more deadly than terrorism. In China alone, it is claimed that 200,000 people per year die because of using fake drugs.

There is no end to the potential dangers of taking questionable medical products as one woman in Saudi Arabia discovered when she used a liquid which turned out to be fake to treat her thinning hair. The ensuing damage to her scalp and hair follicles resulted in permanent hairloss.

Know what you're getting

The benefits of seeking professional hair loss solutions from a specialist clinic with a proven track record cannot be overstated. Any medication supplied will be from reputable sources, of optimum quality, properly stored and well within its use-by dates. Furthermore, the level of expertise and personalised service offered will ensure clients are aware of precisely which hair loss medications are actually suitable for them, based on their medical profile, level and pattern of shedding.

At Belgravia, all consultations begin with a full diagnosis of the condition as well as a conversation about the client’s lifestyle and overall health, as these may play a part in some conditions. This discussion between a client and their dedicated hair loss specialist is an important first step in establishing exactly what is causing the shedding and determining the best way to proceed.

The most common conditions treated at Belgravia are male pattern baldness and female pattern hair loss, though there are a number of additional hair loss conditions which can often be treated using certain solutions.

Whatever the situation, hair loss treatment will be recommended based on the precise needs of the individual. There are two MHRA-licensed and FDA-approved medications specifically aimed at addressing genetic hair fall and helping to promote hair growth in these cases. Whilst the primary medications for hereditary hair loss - finasteride 1mg and minoxidil - form the basis of most treatment courses, either alone or in conjunction (finasteride 1mg is for men only), a number of supplementary hair growth supporting productssuch as the FDA-cleared LaserComb, which uses low-level laser therapy to stimulate the follicles, can also be employed. Additional, highly-targeted dietary support may be desired in the form of food supplements for healthy hair growth, such as Hair Vitalics.

Support and guidance from Belgravia’s knowledgeable staff is frequently mentioned by clients as a key component of their overall experience. Regularly, they say that this personal touch helps them to stay motivated during treatment and, in many cases, go on to enjoy successful results. "I just can't believe how supportive the process is," says Belgravia Client, Tom, who is so pleased with his hair regrowth results and overall experience that he recorded a video testimonial for us, which you can watch here or, along with many others, on the channel.

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The Belgravia Centre

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