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Could your Hair Loss be Caused by a Thyroid Disorder?


Thyroid Hair LossSometimes, hair loss is a symptom of a more widespread condition which is affecting your body. Hypothyroidism and hyperthyroidism are two such conditions.  Just as many celebrities show signs of hairloss, so many well-known people have suffered from thyroid problems – Rod Stewart and  Kim Cattrall being two examples.  Rod Stewart is blessed with a healthy head of hair and as far as we know, the closest Kim Cattrall has come to losing hair is when she had chemotherapy in Sex and the City. Still, it’s worth bearing in mind that thinning hair may be a symptom of something else going on in the body.

The thyroid is a small butterfly-shaped gland found in the lower part of the neck, and is responsible for the production of thyroid hormone. This hormone has several important purposes within the body – including regulating the metabolism and the immune system. If your thyroid gland is not producing the right amount of thyroid hormone, then this can have all kinds of detrimental effects on the body, including hair loss.

Not easy to diagnose

Hyperthyroidism means that your thyroid is producing too much of the thyroid hormone, while hypothyroidism means that there is too little. Both conditions are difficult to diagnose, since they have quite general symptoms set out below.

•    Hair which is brittle, dry and coarse – Hair is often affected by imbalances of the thyroid hormone, and in addition to hair loss, hair may also change in texture and become highly prone to breakage. Hypothyroidism can also result in hair loss around the eye brows.

•    Changes in complexion – This hair loss and changes in the hair may also be accompanied by changes in the skin.  In people suffering from a thyroid disorder, skin often becomes noticeably dry, rough, and even scaly.

•    Family history – Thyroid disorders can be hereditary, so if there is a history of such illness in your family then you may also be susceptible to it. Sometimes it can even go undiagnosed in families, so it may help to enquire of any stories of unexplained hair loss or other symptoms in the family.

•    Fatigue/ depression/ anxiety – An imbalance in the levels of thyroid hormone in your body can severely disrupt your mood. Panic attacks and intense bouts of anxiety can occur in the case hyperthyroidism, while hypothyroidism may trigger depression. Both can also affect sleep patterns and energy levels. If you get plenty of sleep each night but still wake up feeling tired or ‘drained’ in the morning, and are also suffering from hair loss, you may have an undiagnosed problem with your thyroid gland.

•    Muscle pains – Thyroid disorders can also result in physical pain, such as cramps, joint discomfort and aching muscles.

Help for thinning hair

If you’re worried you might have a thyroid problem we would always advise that you go to your doctor for an examination. Belgravia can help prevent and reverse hair loss caused by thyroid problems and many other conditions. We have lots of experience of helping people stop and even reverse hair loss. Our Hair Loss Success Stories are testimony to the success that Belgravia’s hair loss treatment users see. For help with hair loss, you can contact us for a free consultation or fill in our on-line diagnostic form and we can send you a personalised course of hair loss treatments anywhere in the world.

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