Could your career be hurting your hairline?

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Earlier this year, a study of British men found that more than half of men working in sales have lost their hair, or are experiencing a significantly receding hairline. The poll, which interviewed 1903 workers, concluded that sales was “Britain’s baldest industry”, with 60% of respondents reporting significant hair loss.

Almost all of the men surveyed said that they had a full head of hair when they first started in their roles, but noticed significant levels of hair loss within four and a half years. When questioned as to why they felt their hair was falling out, half of the men believed that long working hours and difficult trading conditions were the main contributing factors.

Although salesmen were identified as the most likely to lose their hair, software engineers and web developers were also identified as being ‘at risk’.

Hair loss and stress

Stress is undoubtedly a potential cause of hair loss. Other factors which may cause shedding include a genetic predisposition and dietary factors, but as well as being a causal aspect, stress can further accelerate Androgenic Alopecia, also know as Male Pattern Hair Loss.

However, age can also play a part in determining hair loss. The survey makes no distinction between age groups of those questioned, and thus it is highly likely that there are many different hair loss factors at play.  Despite the survey’s findings, the root of the condition is unlikely to be determined by job choice alone.

The first step in resolving hair loss issues is to obtain an accurate diagnosis of the type of hair loss, and what is causing it. A hair loss expert, such as those employed by The Belgravia Centre, will be able to tell men (and women) the type of hair loss they are experiencing, and advise on the best methods available to treat it.

Male Pattern Hair Loss Photoscans The Belgravia Centre Even in the first 3 months, Belgravia’s treatment can be extremely effective for male hair loss.

Treating stress related hair loss

Without a proper diagnosis, people who are losing their hair cannot accurately decide how to manage the situation, which is why seeking professional advice is so important. Here at The Belgravia Centre, our hair loss experts can create a unique treatment plan tailored to the exact needs of the individual. These treatment plans may involve the use of prescription medications, dietary supplements or suggestions about lifestyle changes which will work in the patient’s favour.

So whether you are a salesman, software developer or just someone concerned about their hair loss, why not get in touch today? You can contact us online or call us on 0800 077 6666 or message the centre to arrange your free, no obligation consultation today. If you’re not able to make it into our London clinic, we can still help. You can fill in our online diagnostic form, which allows us to assess your hair loss remotely and send you a home use treatment programme, no matter where you are in the world.

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