Cosmetic Products For Thinning Hair

How many products do you see on the shelves that claim to increase hair thickness? There is an increasing emergence of cosmeceutical hair products that are being marketed to people with thinning hair when they actually are not designed to treat this condition at all. While cosmeceutical products mask the appearance of thinning hair in the short term, effective hair loss treatment combinations deal with the underlying cause to actually address the problem and remedy the situation for good.

No shampoo can make your hair thicker You’ve probably seen them all. Hair thickening shampoos that promise an immediate improvement in hair volume, or powders such as Toppik that instantly give you extra coverage until your next wash at least. These products won’t stop you hair from accumulating at the bottom of your shower and they certainly won’t help to re-grow any hair that’s been lost. While they may possibly improve the appearance of thinning hair, cosmetic products cannot change or alter the effects of hair loss.

There’s absolutely nothing wrong with using these products, as long as it’s for the right reasons. Cosmetic hair products can be highly effective for people with naturally thin hair who want a little extra volume, or for those who are already using proven hair loss treatments for some immediate coverage. However, for those whose hair density is gradually decreasing, either due to thinning hair or excessive shedding, you’ll need a bit more horse-power.

Recognising which treatments are effective and which are not is easy for a hair loss specialist but it’s not so clear for the average consumer. The distinction is not made easy, as manufacturers get away with intentionally blurring the dividing line between the cosmetic product and a medically approve hair loss treatment. You should always get a professional’s advice when it comes to treating thinning hair, especially because there are only a few proven hair loss treatments and the key to getting the best results from them is in understanding your condition and how your body will respond to the treatment, as well as supporting the treatment with hair growth boosters to obtain a superior response.

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