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Counterfeit Hair Loss Drugs Raid


The Medicines and Healthcare products Regulatory Agency (MHRA) has warned people to be vigilant when buying medicines online after more than £250,000 of counterfeit, unlicensed and withdrawn medicines were seized during raids in Stoke-on-Trent.

counterfeit drugsThe MHRA said the drugs were the “tip of the iceberg” of an expected multi-million-pound illegal online medicine business.

“This online pharmacy has been supplying a massive range of medicines from weight and hair loss tablets, to anti-depressants, powerful painkillers and even anabolic steroids,” Head of Operations Danny Lee-Frost said.

The raids, carried out with help of Staffordshire Police, resulted from an MHRA investigation into the website Pharma2u.com which sells popular prescription drugs.

“The dangers of purchasing medicines online are that you just don’t know what you are taking,” Mr Lee-Frost said.
He warned buyers to be cautious and said medicines should only be purchased from registered websites following a medical consultation.

The Belgravia Centre is a professional, medically recognised hair loss clinic with the UK’s only registered in-house pharmacy purely dedicated to hair loss treatments. The Belgravia Centre’s pharmacy is registered with the Royal Pharmaceutical Society and is licensed to sell all the medically proven hair loss treatments as well as formulate its own prescription forms of extra-strength minoxidil with added anti-androgens.

The Belgravia Centre ensures all clients receive the best expert advice. All Belgravia Centre trichologists have medical backgrounds and are either certified trichologists or doctors or nurses with trichological training.

Their expert care and advice is available to anybody around the UK and the rest of the world without the need to visit the London clinic. Belgravia’s online diagnostic form provides the Belgravia Centre’s trichologists with all the information required to diagnose a hair loss condition and make suitable recommendations based on your particular condition and stage of hair loss. Or you could just arrange a free hair loss consultation. Individual hair loss treatment programs are based around clinically and scientifically proven, FDA-approved treatments for hair loss.

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