Company Claims Food Supplement Will Treat Female Pattern Hair Loss

Women with genetic hair loss are being told by a Spanish healthcare company that a simple dietary supplement can help them to regrow their hair.

Aimed chiefly at post menopausal woman with Female Pattern Hair Loss a more common condition than many people think, affecting millions a new product named Complidermol 5α Plus is being hailed as “the first dietary supplement for female androgenetic alopecia which not only tackles the known hormonal factor, but also the oxidative and inflammatory factors that have been identified as causes of the condition.”

The product has been developed by Spanish company Reig Jofre, which claims to be a market-leader in Spain.

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“Following an in-depth review of the scientific literature on this condition,” the company's promotional material states, “experts have concluded that, in addition to the genetic and hormonal factors known and treated to date in FPB [Female Pattern Baldness], there are also other factors which can be considered responsible for this condition, such as oxidative stress and micro-inflammation in the affected area.”

“Complidermol 5α PLUS has been developed to slow down the progression of FAA, revitalise the hair follicle and lengthen the anagen (growth) phase of hair growth," it continues. “The aim is to improve hair quality and the quality of life of women suffering from this condition.”

The product appears to be based around among other things two ingredients that are quite often seen in natural remedies: serenoa repens (also known as saw palmetto) and pygeum africanum, which is the bark of the African Plum Tree and is used to help tackle everything from inflammation to kidney disease.

Interestingly, inflammation crops up regularly in the global conversation about hair loss, and is cited as a contributory factor in a number of different conditions. Oxidation also mentioned as a factor in Female Pattern Hair Loss by Reig Jofre crops up from time to time, too, and was an influencing factor in a trial by French researchers who wanted to assess how dietary supplements could help ease the condition.

In trials, the French researchers found that women who took an antioxidant-rich supplement containing fish oil, blackcurrant seed oil, vitamins C and E and lycopene all saw a reduction in hair loss when compared to a separate group that had taken only a placebo.

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Trial data released from the Spanish company shows that women who used capsules containing serenoa repens and pygeum africanum saw the number of anagen (growing) hairs on their head increase by around 6.1 per cent during a 16 week trial. This compares to around 0.6 per cent growth among women who took a placebo. Additionally, the number of telogen (resting) hairs decreased by around 6.2 per cent (the placebo group reported a reduction of around 0.5 per cent).

Female Pattern Hair Loss treatment courses at Belgravia are tailored to each client and often produce significant regrowth results. Treatment typically involves using topical applications of high strength minoxidil which has shown itself to be highly effective at combating thinning hair in women.

Controlled clinical studies were carried out into minoxidil use in women between 18 and 45 years of age, with moderate female pattern hair loss, by the off-the-shelf brand Regaine. It was found that two out of three women reported regrowth after using 2% minoxidil. Researchers also discovered that the changes tended to first become noticeable around four months after starting treatment, with maximum results being visible from the eight month mark.

Minoxidil is a dose-dependent drug which comes as a solution that is applied directly to the affected areas of the scalp. It is available in various strengths with 2% being the weakest of those available. Belgravia's in-clinic pharmacies offer a range of formulations which can also be combined with hair growth boosters such as the HairMax LaserComb, which stimulates the scalp using low level laser therapy to encourage regrowth.

Dedicated food supplements, such as Belgravia's own specially-formulated Hair Vitalics range - available in female-focused or male-focused versions - can also be taken in order to top up dietary requirements and improve the condition of the hair and scalp. However, these are seen as falling into the 'hair growth booster' category rather than hair loss treatment.

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