Coleen Rooney's Hair loss - Extensions, Stress or Genetics?

Colleen Rooney Thin Patch

Coleen Rooney, wife of England and Manchester United footballer Wayne Rooney, has been photographed with a suspected thinning patch on the top of her head.

The pictures - which were published in the Daily Mail - could be a sleight of camera, but some are pointing to Mrs Rooney's previous penchants for using extensions, rollers and dyes as potential evidence for the patchy hair loss. Traction Alopecia, a condition that causes hair production to stop after prolonged pressure on the hair shafts, has been cited as a potential reason for Mrs Rooney's possible women's hair loss.

The Rooneys have reportedly suffered from marriage problems towards the end of 2010, with reports casting aspersions about Wayne Rooney's alleged infidelity. Telogen Effluvium, a temporary hair loss condition where the hair usually grows back six months to a year after the initial event, can be induced by stress.

If Mrs Rooney is suffering from hair loss, her position will reflect that of her footballer husband, who has suffered from hair loss and a receding hairline since he was a teenager.

Leonora Doclis, senior trichologist at The Belgravia Centre says, "Coleen's hair is definitely looking thin, but whether the thinning is down to hair extensions is questionable. It is unlikely that hair extensions would be placed that high, so I would say the hair loss could be caused by the recent stressful issues in her life, or simple genetics. Although genetic hair loss is more common amongst middle-aged women, in some cases stress can trigger female pattern hair loss at an earlier age".

Whatever might be causing Coleen's hair loss, there are effective solutions available that can help to prevent further hair loss and regrow the hair that has already thinned or been lost. View Belgravia's Success Stories for a better idea of the kind of results that can be achieved for both men and women from the use of specially tailored combination treatment programmes.

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