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Coca-Cola Accidentally Cure Their Inventor’s Hair Loss

coca cola doc pemberton hair loss mystery

Top image courtesy of Coca-Cola; Bottom courtesy of Kuhns’ Photo/Richard Lipack

You might not have heard of Doc Pemberton, but we’re pretty sure you will have heard of his invention, the omnipresent soft drink Coca-Cola. A daily habit for people the world over, Coke has come a long way from its inception in a 19th century pharmacist’s back room.

However, recent flagging sales have forced advertisers back to the drawing board, indeed, back in time to the drink’s origins. Doc Pemberton even has his own Twitter account now, and Coke’s marketing department are clearly hoping that their resurrected champion and his impressive beard will inject some much needed fizz back into their US sales.

Whilst the natural ingredients of the drink are a closely guarded secret, we can safely assume that the drug cocaine is not one of them, though before 1903 Coke allegedly contained an estimated nine milligrams per glass (the company won’t comment on this except to say that it has never been an added ingredient). The drink has even claimed to cure a variety of maladies in the past, however, if the latest claim about Doc Pemberton is to believed, Coke certainly didn’t help prevent hair loss

What’s Up, Doc?

Coca-Cola have certainly bought their maker back to life to use him in an advertising campaign, but Pemberton has bought with him a slight problem: is the guy in the picture the right Doc Pemberton? As claims circulate that Coca-Cola are in fact using the image of another man  to push sales of the soft drink, the mystery deepens. The potentially rather embarrassing mistake came to light when the Pemberton in the Coke adverts was shown to sport a thick crop of hair and a large beard, but a photograph has recently come to light that tells a very different story.

At the end of 2012, an auction house sold a photograph, which it claimed was of Doc Pemberton, to a well driller in Maine. The photo appears to show a slight man with a balding head and a thin, wispy beard, a far cry from the Doc of the Coca-Cola adverts. Indeed, the photo’s previous owner alleges that Coca-Cola are actually using the image of an unpopular confederate veteran, of the same name, instead.

A Tale Of Two Pictures

Whilst Coca-Cola dispute these claims, they only have two photographs of the disputed Doc in their archive, and a recent painting commissioned for the brand’s headquarters seems to be based on the balding Doc of the recently sold image. Whilst we may never know who’s right, Coca Cola might be missing a trick by using the hairier doc as an advertising tool, as a recent study has shown that bald men are perceived as being better leaders and as being more manly.

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