Close Shave: Beyonce's Bald Sister Solange

Beyonce's Sister Solange Shaves Her Hair

Beyonce’s younger sister, singer song-writer Solange, has had a drastic image change and shaved her head. The 23-year-old said on her Twitter page that she was going through a “I wanna cut all my hair off and have a fade (cropped haircut) phase’. Solange is no stranger to trying new looks and in the past has worn hair extensions or lace-front wigs (with the wig glued on). Beyonce is also a fan of faking it when it comes to hair.

Solange has said that she resents the comparisons to her big sis and even once said “I have to have fun with it or I’ll turn into Britney shave my head and go totally crazy”. Back in 2007, Britney Spears was lambasted in the press for shaving her head and, while some say that a woman shaving her head can be a statement of liberation, in Britney's case it seemed to be a phase of emotional turmoil for the popstar who was, at the time, dealing with drink and drug issues, divorce and legal battles over her children. Although Britney and Solange have shaved their heads, stressful events can be a strong contributing factor to hair loss in women.

The press have also been quick to criticise Solange saying she has done a Britney and flipped out. And while she could be making a statement of her independence, Solange did not want to parade her new look on the red carpet at a recent Dita Von Teese performance in LA, choosing instead to wear a brunette wig for the occasion. It could be that Solange, who released her second album 'Sol-Angel and the Hadley St Dreams' last year to mixed reviews, is feeling the pressure of not matching the success of her older sibling in the performing arena despite being in the business since she was just 14 years old.

Beyonce and Little Sis Solange: A Little Hair Rivalry?Comments that Solange herself made to the press about her outlandish behaviour seem to indicate that she sees herself as an outsider especially in the USA where, she says, other women are “scared" of her and think she's a "little nutty”.

Whatever the reasons behind Solange's shorn look, if she can put the wigs away for awhile, she will be giving her hair a much needed rest. Constantly wearing hair extensions, wigs and tight ponytails puts a high degree of stress on hair follicles and often leads to traction alopecia. This is a common hair condition that causes thinning hair, bald patches or a receding hairline. Giving the hair a break can allow it to grow back on its own. However, in some cases the hair might be so damaged that a course of hair loss treatments may be recommended to help the hair regrow.

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