Clip-On Man Buns Can Still Cause Hair Loss

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As the news that the Man Bun can cause hair loss swept the globe recently it was believed to signal the death of this trendy style. The way the hair is pulled tightly and fixed into place can cause damage to the hair follicles leading to a condition called Traction Alopecia, also known as 'Ballerina Baldness' due to their mutual bun links.

Not ready to let it go, it seems bun-seekers have come up with a new way to get the look: the clip-on Man Bun. The item came to light after a Groupon deal offering a deal on the purchase of these hair accessories was widely reported, but the bad news is, these may be just as damaging to their hair.

Clip-On Man Bun Can Cause Hair LossWigs, weaves and clip-on causes

Anything which adds extra weight and/or is tightly affixed to your head can put stress on the hair follicles. This can include wigs, woven-in hairpieces, hair extensions and tight styles such as high ponytails and - you guessed it - man-buns.

If these styles are worn frequently, whether using your own hair or additions such as clip-in hair accessories, the constant tension can cause hair loss known as Traction Alopecia. It can look like a receding hairline as this is the area worst affected by this type of stress.

This is especially true in buns which are styled by pulling the hair back, twisting or pulling it tightly into shape and securing it at the crown or nape of the neck - then adding the clip-in bun if necessary.

Receding hairline

Although a receding hairline caused by Male Pattern Baldness is an hereditary condition, it is similar to that caused by Traction Alopecia in that, if the underlying cause is not dealt with, the hair loss is likely to get worse.

In cases of genetic hair loss, this means targeting the DHT which causes thinning hair. For Traction Alopecia it means ditching whatever hairstyle or add-in is causing the problem so that hair loss treatment has the best possible chance of working.Minoxidil Hair Loss Treatment for Men and Women

Although it is one of the most stubborn areas to treat, many Belgravia clients have seen significant regrowth results from using topical applications of high strength minoxidil to combat their signs of Traction Alopecia. Whilst it may be a comfort to know that treatment is available, Traction Alopecia is a fully preventable hair loss condition and should be avoided as far as possible.

Wearing a bun occasionally should cause no damage whatsoever. Just be sure to take it out before going to sleep and give your hair a break of at least a day or two in between tight styles - the tighter, the longer the hair will need to recover. Looser buns, including half-up, half-down versions, can also be a good replacement.

Also make sure you keep your hair strong by ensuring it is fully nourished through good hair care practices and a healthy, balanced diet, topped up with a dedicated hair health supplement where appropriate.

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Posted by Sarah

In this article: Hair Loss | Male Hair Loss

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