Client Comments from Last Week's Consultation Feedback Emails

Read how clients felt about visiting The Belgravia Centre for their tricho-check. Here are some of last week's comments emailed by clients following their free consultation. Each comment is from a different client...

"Both of the advisors I met with were very professional and helpful"

"I found both Vaida and Pam very helpful.  They did not just try to sell me the most expensive products, which one of your "competitors" had tried to do!  They were very honest and fair and Pam particularly had very good customer relation skills.  There was no pressure to puchase any products which was pleasing.  I haven't yet bought anything but would expect to do so soon."

"Edyta was very nice. She explained everything and made me feel much better about my worries. She was very imformative and caring. Pam was also lovely. She answered all my questions and made me feel very happy that I chose to come to the centre. Everybody at the centre were very welcoming. I'm glad I chose Belgravia, and will keep coming back for my treatment. Thank you for being so nice and helpful. I was so worried before but now I'm looking forward to the results I'll hopefully see in the future."

Belgravia Centre Reception and Pharmacy

"I can confirm that my initial consultation with Vaida was friendly and informative as was the follow up with Gayzen who efficiently explained one or two of my concerns. It was a welcome change not to be pressurised there and then to sign up for treatment and Gayzen understood that as a pensioner I needed to discuss the financial aspect with my husband.  I subsequently telephoned her the next day of my decision and have since made an appointment to start my treatment today."

"The examination with Loida was very informative and she explained concisely as to what condition I have and how it can be treated. She told me exactly how the treatment works and made me feel comfortable while carrying out her examination and answering any questions I had. Cherie was nice and friendly and outlined the course of treatment and the relative costs leaving me with very few questions to ask. It was good to talk to her as she was very helpful and and reassuring. Overall service was really good."

"I was pleased with the service and I am hopeful with the proposed treatments. Loida Cadiogan was very professional and knowledgable about her subject, and I enjoyed talking with her. Cherie Ridding was also very professional and took me through the ordering process so that I was happy with what I have paid for. Cherie added in a check up consultation into the package and I look forward to coming back in 6 months to see if there is any progress."

The Belgravia Centre

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The Belgravia Centre

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