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Chinese Hair And Hair Loss


Chinese hair is known for its sleekness and strength and therefore being fairly easy to manage. The hair follicles are thick compared with other types of Asian hair, and it remains straight even when the air is humid. The strength of the hair strands means that it can withstand the damage from dyeing to an extent, and it is also true that the daily shedding rate is normally less than other hair types, though this does not necessarily mean that Chinese hair is less prone to hair loss.

The Longest Hair In The World?

Testament to the strength of Chinese hair are pictures of the Red Yao women, a minority ethnic group from Huangluo Yao Village in China, who cut their hair only once in their lives at the age of 16. With strong, healthy hair  that normally grows to five or six feet long, the women have become somewhat famous in China. Their village is nicknamed the ‘long hair village’ and they believe that hair brings wealth, longevity and good fortune, and as such it is considered sacred.

All types of Asian hair grows faster than its Caucasian counterpart, averaging 1.3cm a month, and it also has the longest cycle of growth, usually about nine years compared with the average across all hair types of 2-7.

Asian Hair Often Responds Faster

If you have Chinese hair but aren’t having quite as much luck as the Red Yao women in terms of hair health and thickness, it might be worth considering treatment. At The Belgravia Centre we have noticed over the years that Asian hair responds faster to treatment than other hair types, probably because of its faster growth speed. If you find that your hair line is receding, or that your crown is balding (more common in men) or if you’re experiencing overall thinning, or perhaps patches of thinning (more common in women) it is advisable to take action sooner rather than later, as when patches become completely bald it is very difficult to regrow the hair.

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