Cheryl Tweedy Admits Having Had Post-Partum Hair Loss

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As the face of a L'Oreal haircare brand, it's important for Cheryl Tweedy - formerly Cheryl Cole - to maintain her trademark glossy locks.

However, like many women, following the birth of her first child the singer - who now prefers to be referred to simply as Cheryl - admitted to having hair loss.

Cheryl Tweedy ColePost-partum hair loss after Bear was born

In an interview with Hello! magazine the 34 year old discusses it taking her six months following the birth of her first child, a boy called Bear, to "start feeling human again".  She opened up about some of the side-effects she experienced during pregnancy, such as skin pigmentation on her face - a condition known as melasma - as well as afterwards. "I also had a bit of hair loss after pregnancy," says Cheryl.

Post-partum hair loss is incredibly common, and a normal post-natal occurrence. During pregnancy hairs which would otherwise be shed as a normal part of the hair growth cycle are instead hoarded by the body. This is why many women's hair can look fuller and healthier whilst pregnant. Once they have given birth, the cycle normalises again, resulting in the shedding of these accumulated hairs from all over the scalp.

Whilst the hairloss may appear intense, it is rarely anything to worry about and normal hair growth should be fully established within 12 months. As Cheryl and partner Liam Payne's little boy is now 14 months old, it would explain why her hair looked back to its best when she was pictured on the red carpet at the 2018 Cannes Film Festival as a guest of L'Oreal.

Hair growth help

Cheryl, who has previously worn hair extensions to add volume, is now reportedly an ambassador for a brand of £1,000 per year anti-ageing skincare supplements and says that these have also helped her hair.

Whilst Belgravia offers premium food supplements - Hair Vitalics for Women - which contain an exclusive, highly targeted blend of vitamins, minerals, amino acids and botanicals, including selenium, biotin and zinc to promote healthy hair growth, these should not be used by pregnant women nor nursing mothers.

Post partum alopecia treatment is possible but only for women who are not breastfeeding or otherwise nursing.

Where there is an underlying genetic predisposition, it is possible for hereditary hairloss - Female Pattern Baldness - to be triggered by stress, including that which comes from childbirth and from being a parent to a newborn in general. So, if there is thinning concentrated across the top of the scalp, at the temples and/or a noticeable drop in volume, this may be the case. Again though, this is nothing to worry about - it is something many women experience and a condition for which clinically-proven hair loss treatment options exist.

Belgravia client, Mrs C - pictured here, says "After giving birth to my son I lost too much hair and it made me depressed until I found the Belgravia clinic. After 3 months I am very happy and their treatment worked wonders."

Should thinning hair continue past 12 months, or be so excessive as to cause concern, a hair loss specialist will be able to provide an expert diagnosis and personalised treatment recommendations, where relevant. This can take place in-clinic or - perhaps more conveniently for many busy new mums - via an online consultation form which allows users to upload photos.

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The Belgravia Centre

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Posted by Sarah

In this article: Hair Loss | Women's Hair Loss

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