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Charlton Heston Was Bald Says Star Trek’s George Takei

The late Charlton Heston, a Reagan supporter, suffered from hair loss and wore a hairpiece to cover his bald spot.

The late actor Charlton Heston was “as bald as a billiard ball” according to Star Trek’s George Takei. It appears that Heston disguised his hair loss for a number of years by wearing a hairpiece.

When Charlton Heston first began to lose his hair, modern hair loss treatments were not available.Heston, known best for his leading role in The Planet of the Apes, starred in the play A Man For All Seasons in London’s West End back in 1987. Playing the role of Sir Thomas More meant Heston had to wear a wig however he chose to wear this over his hairpiece, according to Takei: “There was another actor that wore two helmets in a play on the West End at the Savoy Theatre as matter of a fact, an American… Charlton Heston was as bald as a billiard ball, so he wore a hairpiece, a toupee – and he didn’t like to reveal that fact. So he came in to the theatre with the toupee on, he was doing A Man For All Seasons… so on top of his toupee he’d put the Sir Thomas More wigs on, can you imagine how hot it was? Two wigs on: His toupee and that full head of hair.”

Born in 1923, Heston was in his early 60s when he starred in A Man For All Seasons. It is likely he started to lose his hair a number of years before and at that time, there were not hair loss treatments nor modern hair transplants as there are today. While Heston no doubt owned a hairpiece of the highest quality, it would have been uncomfortable at times, especially when he doubled up his wigs for his art.

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