fbpx Charlize Theron ‘Does An Anne Hathaway’ And Cuts Hair Off For Film Role
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Charlize Theron ‘Does An Anne Hathaway’ And Cuts Hair Off For Film Role


charlize-theron-shaved-head hair lossFirst it was Anne Hathaway cutting her hair off for Les Misérables, and now South Africa actress Charlize Theron has followed suite by ditching her famous blonde locks for dyed brunette hair worn in a short crop. Happily, her voluntary hair loss looks great.

The actress is due to play the character Imperator Furiosia in the Mad Max prequel Fury Road, due for release next year.

By opting to cut her hair rather than wear a wig or rely on computer trickery, Theron is supporting the ever growing trend of women forgoing their long locks.

An Inspiration For Other Women

Undoubtedly, many women dealing with hair loss will be happy that female role models like Anne Hathway and Theron are proudly bearing their short hair rather than covering up in public.

Whilst Hathaway and Theron voluntarily underwent their hair loss, for many women there is no choice involved. The condition of female pattern hair loss usually begins around the age of 30, though it can affect women in their 20’s, too. Subsequently, by the age of 50, 50% of women will have experienced this type of hair loss, meaning female hair loss is far more common than most people think.

Thin Hair? No Need To Cut It Short

For women dealing with thinning hair, cutting it short can help prevent a ‘stringy’ hair style from emerging that leads to worries about the scalp being exposed. A new hair cut can often provide a new confidence for women tired of feeling self conscious, but there is another option. A personalised treatment programme from the Belgravia Centre that includes the only hair loss treatment licensed by the MHRA (the UK’s medical regulatory body) can make a real difference for many women in a matter of months.

Female-Pattern-Hair-Loss-Photoscans-The-Belgravia-CentreThe key component of many of our patients’ treatment plans is the hair loss medication minoxidil. Applied directly to the scalp, the medication comes in both liquid and cream form. Scientists are unsure as to why exactly it works so well as a hair loss treatment, but it is likely that it has something to do with minoxidil activating potassium channels in the scalp.

Not only does minoxidil help to halt hair loss, it also encourages hair regrowth. Check out more of our hair loss before and during treatment photos like the one pictured, for an idea of the results that women can hope to achieve using this treatment method.

So, if unlike Anne and Charlize, you want to keep as much hair as possible, visit us at our new Liverpool St clinic or our premises in Victoria for a free initial consultation to determine how best we can help you to get your hair back.

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