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Celtic FC Players, Anthony Stokes and Leigh Griffiths Undergo Hair Transplants

Two Celtic FC footballers in their twenties have used the close season to undergo hair transplants. Anthony Stokes, 26, and Leigh Griffiths, 24, were both unhappy with their receding hairlines and, following in the footsteps of fellow footballer and hair transplant advocate, Wayne Rooney, who has been famously open about his operations, decided to seek surgical help.

Celtic FC Players, Anthony Stokes and Leigh Griffiths Undergo Hair Transplants

Celtic FC Players, Anthony Stokes (left) and Leigh Griffiths (right) pictured before and after their hair transplant surgery

In recent seasons the strikers have both appeared to show classic signs of male pattern hair loss. Ireland international Stokes was introduced to the Glasgow-based hair clinic that carried out the transplant, by his girlfriend who used them for her hair extensions.

When he tweeted how pleased he was with his results, his Scottish teammate, Griffiths, decided to go for it too, saying “”I’ve been thinking about this for some time now and thought now is as good a time as ever to get it sorted“. The two have been posting pictures of their new hair on Twitter and seem delighted that their restored hairlines are taking shape, giving them a timely confidence boost ahead of the new season.

Not everyone is eligible for hair transplant surgery

Generally hair transplant specialists require patients’ hair loss to reach Level 3 on the Norwood Scale before considering carrying out the procedure. Where the balding is so extensive that the skin in affected areas becomes ‘shiny’, the only way to achieve regrowth is via surgery. This appears to be the case with both Anthony Stokes and Leigh Griffiths who can be seen here, pictured before and after their hair surgery.

UPDATE: The Times reported in August 2018 that the hair clinic both footballers attended closed in March 2018 and was placed into liquidation following customer complaints of ‘botched procedures’

Some hair transplant surgeons also refuse to accept patients under the age of 30 although clearly these footballers found a clinic that was willing to carry out their procedures despite their ages.

It is recommended that anyone considering surgical hair restoration procedures first try an effective, combination course of medically-proven hair loss treatments for at least six months before deciding whether a transplant is necessary. This not only gives the option of seeing if the hair loss can be treated successfully using non-invasive methods, but it can also strengthen the existing hair and prevent further hair fall, so the hair is in prime condition for a transplant, if needed.

Successful Results Following a Comprehensive Hair Loss Treatment Programme for Male Pattern Balding from The Belgravia Centre

A Belgravia Centre patient in his early 20’s with a similar male hair loss pattern to Anthony Stokes, displays his regrowth results after 6 months of following a comprehensive hair loss treatment programme

We hope the pair tried this programme first, however, as their hair appears so thin on top, there’s a good possibility that they did not investigate non-surgical methods of hair loss prior to their restoration. We frequently see patients with similar patterns of hair loss to these players – particularly patients whose hair patterns follow Stokes’ – who experience fantastic regrowth without the need for surgery as these patterns tend to respond well to treatment. Although, in Anthony Stokes’ particular case, for the visible the bald patches around his temples, we would also have recommended a hair transplant.

Hair transplant aftercare is crucial

Now their transplants have been carried out, the aftercare involved helps to ensure the results from the Celtic strikers’ restoration surgery is as successful as possible. This should involve both Stokes and Griffiths using preventative hair loss products and regrowth formulations – the same treatments one would use to combat hair loss prior to opting for surgery – as, whilst the newly transplanted hair will grow normally, their own hair will remain susceptible to thinning.

Even on footballers’ wages hair transplants are a costly option, with prices generally ranging from around £3,000-£30,000 depending on the type and extent of the procedure, so it is crucial the players maintain the upkeep of their existing hair, as well as ensuring the new hair is kept healthy, to maximise the effects of the surgery.

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17th July, 2016 at 7:15 pm


How much would it be to get the norwood stage 5 fue treatment to a male aged 40??

18th July, 2016 at 1:38 pm

Sarah Belgravia

Hi Tony, We don't offer hair transplant surgery at Belgravia - we specialise in non-surgical hair loss treatments which can have significant results even in cases of advanced male pattern baldness, as you can see in our Success Stories.

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