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Celebrity Hairdresser Advises on Hair Loss


Trevor Sorbie2Trevor Sorbie MBE is a celebrity hairdresser who’s used to handling the locks of the rich and famous. It’s therefore fantastic to see him working together with the Department of Health to advise and support hairdressers who are helping people experiencing hair loss.

Self image and hair loss

Trevor – who has himself developed male pattern baldness – recognises the damage that male hair loss and female hair loss can do to a person’s self esteem.

He explains why he is involved with this important project: “I want to help patients feel more positive and strong when their personal self image has been rocked to the core by hair loss.”

Trevor’s work focuses on wigs for alopecia patients and those who have lost their hair as a result of cancer treatment, but importantly his words can apply to sufferers of all types of hair loss.

Wigs aren’t the only answer

Trevor’s work is of course very important. In some cases alopecia will never lead to hair regrowth, making a wig a good option. But there are many of those with alopecia who will be able to regain their hair if they receive the right treatment.

Here at the Belgravia Centre, we specialise in treating alopecia as well as cases of male pattern baldness and female pattern hair loss. Like Trevor, we understand how distressing these conditions can be. Thankfully, we’re proud to offer a range of very effective treatments that can rescue your hair.

If you suspect that you have developed alopecia, don’t leave it until it’s too late. Contact us for a friendly and confidential consultation today or fill in an online diagnostic form.

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