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Celebrity Hair Stylist James Brown Has Hair Transplant

James BrownKnown as the man behind the locks of some of the UK’s biggest stars, James Brown first noticed the signs of male pattern hair loss when he was in his twenties. But rather than seeking preventative treatment for the hair loss, Kate Moss’s favourite hair stylist ignored the problem, covering up with the hats that would become his trademark look.

You Can Leave Your Hat On

With other clients such as Harry Potter star Emma Watson and new mum Sienna Miller in his phone book,  Brown is never far from the public eye. With the long lens of the paparazzi clearly in mind, he has gone the way of footballer Wayne Rooney and actor James Nesbitt in having a hair transplant. In Brown’s case, hair was transplanted from the back of the head to his bald patch on top, in a procedure that can take eight to ten hours to complete.

Following his transplant, Brown told MailOnline that he felt much more confident, and previously he would worry about removing his hat, dreading situations like premieres and airport security where he might be asked to bare the baldness.

Extreme Measures

Whilst it’s great that Brown feels newly confident following his procedure,  it’s worth considering whether such extreme lengths were necessary. If you act on your hair loss before you’re faced with completely bald patches with no hair whatsoever, a tailored treatment plan from The Belgravia Centre can offer an alternative and less invasive solution to hair loss woes. Have a look at our hair loss success stories, featuring before and during treatment photos, to get an idea of the results you can expect.

Beginning with clinically proven prescription medication Propecia, we are able to inhibit the formation of DHT, the hormone that causes scalp hair follicles to grow weaker and to eventually cease to produce hairs. A second treatment aim is to increase the blood supply of nutrients to the scalp, which provides hair with everything it needs to regrow healthily, which is where minoxidil comes in handy. For stubborn patches of thinning hair, our high strength minoxidil formulations can be highly effective. There are also a range of secondary approaches, from clinical treatments to nutritional supplement Hair Vitalics and the LaserComb, all of which we have found to encourage regrowth and stabilise excess shedding.

If you’re considering a hair transplant and would like to know whether it is still possible to regrow a healthy head of hair through our combined treatment approach, you can attend a free consultation in our central London clinic with a hair loss advisor. Call 0800 077 6666 or message us here to arrange a time that suits you. Or if you can’t make it in, complete an online diagnostic form and we’ll get back to you with your diagnosis and proposed treatment plan.

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