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Bruce Willis

Long-time Hollywood hunk Bruce Willis may have lost his hair but he’s still got that charismatic charm and confidence that keeps the ladies swooning. Most men who start to recede begin to question their appearance, lose confidence and generally freak out. Those guys need to take a leaf out of Willis’ book.

“I’m a man and I will kick anybody’s arse who tries to tell me that I’m not one because my hair’s thinning,” Willis famously asserted while shooting Die Hard 4.0.

Hair loss is one of the most common and natural occurrences faced by men. Eight in 10 will lose some degree of hair and for two-thirds of men it will happen before they’re 40. We first saw Willis' hair start to thin when he graced our screens in the Moonlighting TV series as detective David Addison. He was 30 at the time and now aged 54, with an unembellished crown, he’s still looking good.

Willis was married to Demi Moore for 11 years and together they had three daughters, Rumer, Scout and Tallulah. They divorced in 2000 but gave no public reason for the split. Since then he’s dated models Maria Bravo Rosado and Emily Sandberg and was engaged to Brook Burns but they broke up in 2004. He married 30 year-old Demi-look-alike Emma Hemming in March this year and has even said he’s interested in having more children. Sporting a chrome dome certainly hasn’t hindered Willis' romantic life.
Bruce Willis in Death Becomes Her
As downtrodden and weedy Ernest Menville in Death Becomes Her (1992), Willis sported a barely-there head of hair, as he did for aging police officer John Hartigan in Sin City (2005) and troubled child psychologist Dr. Malcolm Crowe in The Sixth Sense (2006). Willis proves his talent is flexible but he’s arguably meant for the wise cracking, hard edged characters who, let’s face it, are stereotypically bald.

The man’s man look is a typecast that society associates with a bald head. Other Hollywood stars that have gone bald and thrown more to the ‘hard’ characters include Jason Stratham, Ben Kingsley and Vin Diesel.  It’s not the most convenient situation for some but according to Willis, he’s never let baldness affect him and insists it has enhanced his acting abilities.

It would appear he’s never even considered hair loss treatment. According to one respected transplant surgeon, his daughter met the Die Hard star at a party in the mid-90s and mentioned the balding issue and his transplant service. Willis said he would remember their conversation when the time came. Well, the time most certainly came but Willis couldn’t care less.

He's a classic example of the form male pattern baldness takes, with receding temples and bald spot at the back which eventually meet on the crown. Willis shaved the rest for a complete bald look and proves that guys can still exude an appeal that is on par or even stronger than that of their full-haired counterparts.

A lot of guys these days are probably more affected by the ramifications of hair loss than ever and decide to treat their thinning hair and avoid baldness because they can. But even if you’re not a Bruce Willis fan, you’ve got to respect his outlook:

“Hair loss is God's way of telling me I'm human,” he once said.

Respect, but don't share Willis' point of view? Contact the Belgravia Centre on 020 7730 6666 or send an email for more information. The bald look isn't everyone's ideal so if you can't make it to the centre but you're not interested in taking the same route as Willis, fill in the online diagnostic form for free, world-wide access to expert advice and treatment.

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