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Celebrity Hair Loss Comparison – Sean Connery


Sean Connery spent most of his 007 days wearing a toupeeCould the original James Bond have had the power to change the world’s perception of male pattern baldness? The legendary Sean Connery began to lose his hair at the age of 17 and consequently wore a toupee in the seven Bond movies he starred in. However, his lack of hair didn’t hinder his chances when he was named People Magazine’s “Sexiest Man Alive” at age 59, beating many younger men for the coveted title.

Today youth, strength and virility are all associated with hair, but what a difference it might have made for bald men the world over had the most visible male sex symbol alive saved the world from Goldfinger while sporting a shiny pate.

Sean Connery didn't let baldness affect his lifeAs it happens, male pattern baldness is no more socially acceptable now than it was when 007 covered his chrome-dome with a hair piece. Hair loss affects up to 80% of men but it’s a common source of embarrassment for many. Although he covered up for his Bond role, Connery has happily shown his balding head to the world in other movies and in his personal life ever since. It may be effortless for the ‘Sexiest Man Alive’, but for the rest of mankind hair loss is less than easy to deal with.

If the same kind of medically proven hair loss treatments that are available today were around in Connery’s time, he may not have needed the wig, so you’ve got to wonder if he’d still be as smooth as he is today. Then again, if the directors had cast 007 as a naturally balding but nonetheless strong and virile man, perhaps there’d be little use for such hair loss treatments.

"I wasn't expecting any miracles... but the regrowth was obvious"

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