Celebrity Hair Loss Comparison - Salman Khan

Salman Khan's thinning hair and receding hairline were apparent in 2006

A man can start balding at any age after puberty and even though Salman Khan shaved his hair for many of his roles, he may have started losing it naturally earlier than you think.

Time was when Khan sported perhaps unnecessarily long hair but it’s no secret that Bollywood’s most eligible bachelor had a hair transplant a few years back. Speculation that Khan’s receding hairline was getting the better of him erupted in 2002 when he shaved his head for a role. Thinning hair is the first indication of imminent hair loss but shaving the hair on your head can disguise its progress.

He joked about it at the time saying that being bald made the summers easier to bear.

“Why is there such a curiosity about me going bald? I mean, isn't the reason so obvious considering the heat and humidity here,” he said.

Medical hair loss treatments are needed after transplants to maintain growth“Some say, my hair is thinning and I shaved my head bald in the hope that I would get a thicker crop of hair back. Come on, there are other methods to get back your hair, if there is one that is!”

He’s right - there are much more effective methods. Medical hair loss treatments have been proven to stop and reverse the effects of male hair loss but the 43-year-old opted for a surgical hair transplant instead. We can’t be certain why but it is more than likely that he’ll start to thin again if he isn’t using medications to stop the balding process.

Male pattern baldness is the most common cause of hair loss and affects 8 in 10 men.  It’s the result of a genetic predisposition and the root cause can only be controlled with medically licensed treatments for hair loss.

When a man (or woman) gets a hair transplant, follicles that are still actively growing hair are harvested and implanted into the barren, bald patches on the scalp. However, these follicles are still susceptible to the effects of hair loss and unless prescriptive and individualised hair loss treatments are taken to support the renewed hair growth, the patient may still end up bald somewhere down the line.

Thinning hair, receding hairlines these are all tell-tale signs that indicate you should see a hair loss specialist if you wish to maintain hair growth. Male pattern baldness is quite easily controlled but the earlier you start to do something about it, the more likely you are to become another hair loss success story.

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Hair Loss Treatment Comparison - "My hair is unrecognisably thicker”

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