Celebrity Hair Loss Comparison: Naomi Campbell

Naomie Campbell - receding in April 2008

Naomi Campbell may have made a career out of her long, lustrous locks (that, and her enviably long legs, gorgeous figure and striking face), but all that excessive styling took its toll on the British supermodel. Last April, we saw a most unusual site for a then 37-year-old woman a receding hairline. But it wasn’t the first signs of baldness that the supermodel was experiencing, it was traction alopecia.

Last year, Heat magazine asked one of the Belgravia Centre’s expert hair specialists about Naomi’s hair loss.

“There is a possibility that Ms Campbell could be experiencing a condition called traction alopecia but, if so, it is a very mild case,” Leonora Doclis said. “Traction alopecia is hair loss caused by excessive and long-term pulling on the hair follicles. This can be due to hair extensions or weaves and results in deterioration of the hairs thickness.” 

Hair growth success from traction alopeciaThe Belgravia Centre sees traction alopecia cases all the time and the damage ranges from mild to extreme. In mild cases, the damage can usually be reversed by removing the offending traction (hair extensions, braids) or changing hair styling habits (using fabric hair ties instead of elastic, not wearing the hair pulled back so tightly). Other times, the hair follicle can be so badly injured it needs treatment to re-stimulate hair growth.

Naomie Campbell's hair is back to normal in April 2009The Belgravia Centre continues to treat traction alopecia affectively thanks to their tailored hair loss treatment courses that are based around scientifically and medically proven medications.

Naomi was brandishing a flattering fringe shortly after making headlines, possibly to conceal the damage while she worked at inching back the injury. Now she looks like a 38-year-old woman should or a 38-year-old supermodel, should we say.

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