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Celebrity Hair Loss Comparison – Halle Berry


She may be arguably one of the hottest Bond girls to have ever graced the big-screen, but even Halle Berry couldn’t evade the dramas that come with the assignment of childbirth.

Halle Berry experienced post-pregnancy hair lossAs many women know, when you fall pregnant, you fall victim to some decidedly unpleasant physical and emotional symptoms. The only thing you might have going for you is your hair, which tends to be its healthiest during pregnancy. After childbirth however, when a few things may be still a bit off kilter, the tables can turn and your hair may suffer as your body tries to get back to normal.

Hair loss after childbirth is extremely common and is normally seen about three months later. This image of Halle Berry is from September 2008, six months after the birth of her daughter, Nahla Ariela, and shows typical thinning that is experienced by most women who suffer telogen effluvium after childbirth.

However, it is the pregnancy itself that first affects the hair growth cycle. Higher levels of female hormones prevent the natural loss of hair and cause an above average number of follicles to continue to produce hair. The appearance of thinning hair results after the birth, when your body and hormones start to get back to normal and all the excess hair that continued to grow during
A year after the birth of her daughter, Halle Berry's hair is back to normal pregnancy falls with that which is naturally ready to fall.

The good news is that telogen effluvium is a temporary form of hair loss and any shedding post-childbirth will generally correct itself within a year. At the 2009 Oscars, just short of a year after Ms Berry gave birth, we saw the movie star and former model glowing again and boasting the luscious, thick hair we envy her for (among other things). The bad news is this isn’t always the case – you’re your hair can be just as hard to get back as your pre-baby figure. Sometimes you need hair loss treatments and hair growth boosters to get your hair back to its optimum, pre-baby condition.

These treatments have been used for many women who lose a bit of hair after childbirth and generally they’re only needed for as long as it takes to get your hair to the required state.

You can get your pre-baby hair back with effective treatments for female hair loss

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