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Celebrity Hair Loss – Andre Agassi

Andre Agassi once showed no sign that hair loss was a concernThere once was a time when one of the most beautiful bald celebrities showed no sign that hair loss would ever be a concern. When Andre Agassi hit the courts as a professional tennis player at the age of 16, he was the epitome of a Bon-Jovi cross Austin Powers look, and he arguably managed to pull it off.

Gone are the days when a mullet was seen as the height of cool, instead, women today find clean-cut men more attractive. Perhaps this – along with a former number one ranking and eight Grand Slam titles – is why Agassi’s remained a favourite among the ladies throughout the decades.

One of the most beautiful bald celebrities Agassi spoke out about his battle with male pattern baldness in 2004 and admitted he considered transplants and hairpieces, but various technicalities ruled out their possibilities as effective solutions.

We don’t think he has anything to worry about – some might say he looks even better bald. It certainly accentuates his facial features. However, like Andre, the bald look may not be one which you have a choice over and if hair loss sneaks up on you unwelcomingly, you should know what can be done and how to avoid it.

It would appear that the former pro tennis star didn’t know about the proven hair loss treatments for men and even if he did, he wouldn’t have been able to use all of them. The single most effective treatment for male hair loss, Propecia, was banned for use by professional sportsmen until 1st January 2009. The active ingredient was thought to mask steroid use but the theory was later quenched. The latest reports now claim Manchester United’s Wayne Rooney is using the treatment to combat his male pattern baldness.

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Some men with thinning hair might surrender in the battle against hair loss and voluntarily shave their heads down to the scalp. The trend seems to be increasingly popular and is sported by more than a handful of celebrities and sports figures, including Michael Jordan, Bruce Willis, Vin Diesel, and Michael Chiklis (to name just a few). However, the proven hair loss treatments are highly effective and produce remarkable results if retaining your hair is the look you want to go for. For more information visit our Hair Loss Treatments page or message the centre.

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