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Celebrity Hair Loss


Just like the rest of us, celebrities experience hair loss. And just like the rest of us, some struggle with it their whole lives, some worry that it’s going to creep up on them, and some couldn’t give a damn if they lost the whole lot. Here we take a look at the celebrities who, in one way or another, have been affected by hair loss.

Celebs Who Have Struggled with Hair Loss

Victoria Beckham Hair LossVictoria Beckham
It seems Posh’s demons aren’t all behind her. The former Spice Girl forged a career as a bob-style icon but admitted the chop was more for practical reasons. “I was in the heat of passion and my hair extensions would come out – it was so embarrassing,” she said. Posh wanted to give her tresses a break but was it too late? The bald patches we see in this latest pic reveal the extent of problem which may literally be the result of years of wear and tear on the hair follicles.

Other female celebrities to have struggled with ‘traction alopecia‘ include Naomi Campbell, Peaches Geldof and Fergie from the Black Eyed Peas.

Nicolas Cage Hair LossNicolas Cage
Was that Con Air or con hair? He’s never admitted using hair retention techniques to maintain his mane but there’s been no end to speculation. For years we’ve thought Cages’s thinning hair meant he was on the steady, imminent path to baldness but he’s managed to avoid it and keep his locks fastened. Was a receded hairline where it stopped for this Ghost Rider or have transplants, medications, or even a hairpiece helped?  If Knowing is everything, this guy isn’t telling.

Other male celebrities who are rumoured to have had transplants include John Travolta, Elton John, and Matthew McConaughey.

Will Young Hair LossWill Young
Even the UK’s favourite Pop Idol has battled with the bald. After Young’s hairline started growing again, rumours erupted that he’d had a hair transplant. Not one for gossip, the the singer-songwriter quenched those surgery rumours and set the record straight: “I do take pills for my hair as I was losing it before and now, having taken them for three years,” now 30-year-old said. “I was so chuffed when my hair started growing back. But no, I don’t have plugs.’

Other male celebrities rumoured to use hair loss treatments include Wayne Rooney and Prince William.

Celebs who Worry About Hair Loss

Dakota Fanning Hair LossDakota Fanning
Hair loss should be the last thing on this 14-year-old’s mind but it’s something that Miss Fanning hopes to avoid at all costs. The starlet was lined up to play a leading role in the upcoming film My Sister’s Keeper, but bailed out when she wasn’t prepared to sacrifice her golden locks for her art. Dakota was to play the part of young girl dying of leukaemia but refused to shave her head for the role. If anything, her diva display only highlights how important hair is to a woman and its significance in self-image. Let’s hope that for her sake Miss Fanning never falls victim to cancer or female pattern hair loss.

David Beckham Hair LossDavid Beckham
Becks has made it no secret that he’s terrified of turning into a “fat, bald old man,” but it seems to us he’s managing just fine. There was speculation that the football megastar was experiencing thinning hair after some rather bad photos were taken a few years back. However, whether it was just bad lighting or a temporary thing due to stress that cleared up, or the more worrisome male pattern baldness that was addressed using hair loss treatments, is still a mystery.

Jon Bon Jovi Hair LossBon Jovi
The aging rocker has done pretty well so far in terms of maintaining his crowning glory but admits he’s terrified of going bald. “Oh, let me tell you, I am so worried (about my hair). I look at guys like Sting and think, ‘Well, he’s cool about it,’ but I’m already losing it a bit and I’m so aware of it,” he said. The 47-yeard old whose career revolved around his crazy mullet, still looks alright to us. And let’s be honest – who want’s Jon to visit the mullet days again anyway?

Ben Affleck Hair LossBen Affleck
He’s kept it well hidden in the past but the truth’s finally out of the closet – Ben Affleck has a hair problem. We’re glad to see he doesn’t seem too worried about it here, as he’s out shopping with his bald patch and wife Jennifer Garner in toe, but the difference between his off- and on-screen look is definately apparent. In his latest movie State of Play, Affleck plays Congressman Stephen Collins and we’re guessing he wears a hairpiece for the role.

Celebs who Don’t Care About Hair Loss

Bruce Willis Hair LossBruce Willis
It’s clear why baldness doesn’t bother some men – the tough guy image suits them. These days a lot of men avoid hair loss if they can, but fans should be thankful Willis went with the flow. It wouldn’t be the same if our Die Hardhero was fighting terrorism, saving lives and narrowly avoiding death with waves of distracting hair. Sometimes bald is better. After all, who could take John McClane or Butch Coolidge (Pulp Fiction) seriously if they had hair like Zac Effron?

Michael Jordan Hair LossMichael Jordan
When men start to lose their hair the first thing a lot of them do is shave the rest off. And who do we have to thank for that? Well, he’s definitely not the first man to shave his head but the bald look was definitely made cooler when the biggest basketball superstar in the world shaved his head to deal with his hair loss. Even if no one did like his new style – who’s going to tell the 6ft 6” sports megastar Michael Jordan that male pattern baldness doesn’t suit him?

Wentworth Miller Hair LossWentworth Miller
There’s no indication that this actor should be worried about hair loss but even if it was on the cards, baldness wouldn’t be the end of the world for Wentworth Miller. The Prison Break heart-throb keeps his locks short anyway – which only enhances his striking facial features – in a manageable buzz cut. We can still clearly see that he has good hair density, and considering two-thirds of men experience hair loss by age 40, at almost 37-years-old, this is one man whose  male pattern baldness sentence might be reduced. He may even escape it all together.

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