Caution Advised Over Viral Hair Accessory Trend

Novel 3D printed hair accessories have been trending after the designer, Magnus Juliano, shared images of him wearing them to Instagram. These quickly went viral and were followed by a flood of articles about the pieces appearing in the media worldwide, from Vogue to Metro and BET Style.

Colourful, oversized Louis Vuitton monogram icons were attached to the ends of braided and beaded hair, creating a playful street-style take on the luxury fashion brand's signature logos.

magnus juliano louis vuitton inspired hair accessories 3D printed hair charms

Though the innovative hair charms certainly look fun, those considering wearing such adornments should take a cautious approach to doing so. The reason for this is that adding weight to your hair in this manner can cause hair loss if preventative measures are not taken.

Regular wear may cause hair loss

Both these accessories and the braids they are attached to the end of are potential causes of Traction Alopecia. This generally temporary hair loss condition is, however, fully preventable.

Anything that adds additional weight or tension to the follicles, usually tight hairstyles, hair extensions or weaves, can place excessive strain on them. When this happens frequently, for instance if problematic styles or accessories are worn repeatedly without a break, hair loss can present.

This tends to take the form of a receding hairline as the frontal region bears the brunt of the damage. Shedding and hair breakage may also occur at the site where styles are fixed.

Traction Alopecia treatment to help encourage hair regrowth is possible if the affected follicles are still functioning when help is sought; should they become irreparably damaged and incapable of producing hair, the only possible solution may be a hair transplant.

Prevention is definitely the most advisable route when it comes to Traction Alopecia. Easy steps to avoid hair loss include wearing styles or accessories that may lead to Traction Alopecia infrequently and for short periods, allowing the scalp to rest fully in between. Should signs of hair loss or receding become evident, immediately remove any risky styles or accessories and wear the hair naturally - without any appendages and not pulled back tautly in any way. If you are still concerned, it can be beneficial to have a consultation with a professional hair loss specialist.

Guidelines for preventing Traction Alopecia have been published by the John Hopkins University. Although they were written with particular reference to those with the Afro hair type - as this is naturally the most brittle and, therefore, may be more at risk of damage - they are helpful for all hair types.

Hoping for an internship

Juliano, 27, posted images of his Dapper Dan-inspired hair-wear in the hope of grabbing the attention of top designer Virgil Abloh, who is behind the Off-White label and is also Men's Creative Director at Louis Vuitton. His ultimate goal being to gain an internship at the heritage French fashion house.

Having created such a huge splash, and with a growing number of fans, including singer Billie Eillish and, stylist to hip hop mogul Jay Z, June Ambrose, Magnus Juliano has certainly made an impressive debut - even if his fashion-forward designs may need to come with a warning!

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