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It seems Jason Donovan’s hair’s looking thicker and fuller than ever – Leonora Doclis offers advice to the Daily Mail on the possible reasons for this – DAILY MAIL STORY.

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Today the press has been covering a story about Mel Gibson’s hair – it seems to be thicker than it was a couple of years ago. What could have been the reason for this reversal?

Leonora Doclis, Belgravia’s senior trichologist says, “there’s a good chance Mel’s hair line has been restored by surgery – a hair transplant, or non-surgical hair replacement could be the answer. But the density of his hair on top could well have been restored using a combination of the medically proven treatments. Areas of complete hair loss are not usually possible to restore from treatments, but over the top his hair’s just thinning. It’s most likely there has been a combination of some form of hair replacement, and hair regrowth treatments.”

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Mel Gibson Hair

Read today’s Daily Mail article which includes comments from Leonora – DAILY MAIL STORY.

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The daily Mail reports on Mel Gibson’s
newly found thick head of hair