Cate Blanchett considers baldness

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Having already opted to lose her locks a couple of times before, 43 year old Australian actress Cate has said that she is considering doing so once again.

Baldness can be liberating

Though baldness is a somewhat unconventional choice of hairstyle, as Blanchett recently explained: “Shaving off my hair is so liberating. I had to do it once for a film role, but I've done it periodically too… At school it was probably to rebel, but I cut my hair short a few years ago and I'm thinking about doing it again." According to, Blanchett’s recent casting in Woody Allen’s new film project has in part influenced her decision. Allen himself requested that Blanchett shave her hair, and due to her positive previous experiences with shaving her hair off, Blanchett agreed.

Women, baldness and choice

A number of women in the public eye have voluntarily shaved their heads in the past, from Irish songstress Sinead O’Connor to Cate Blanchett’s fellow actress Natalie Portman.

However, whilst voluntary baldness can be a great look that makes for a bold fashion statement, involuntary hair loss can be a different matter entirely. Hair loss conditions such as female pattern baldness (or Alopecia Areata) are surprisingly common, and many women experience hair thinning of some degree or another. For those experiencing one of these conditions, the loss of hair can be rather upsetting. Rather than feeling liberated, women with hair loss often feel a loss of control.

Choose to choose

Seeking treatment for hair loss is a way of preserving your right to choose how you look. Part of what makes having a shaved head liberating for some is that they were able to choose the style!

At The Belgravia Centre, we have a wide range of treatment options available for hair loss conditions, that our experts can integrate into a bespoke treatment plan tailored to your specific needs. We have found this combined approach to be highly successful over many years of practice, as our extensive collection of Hair Loss Success Stories from satisfied patients show. So the truth is that you are in control of your own hair; if you are experiencing hair loss, you can choose to take action.

How it works

If you are experiencing hair loss, then contact us to book a free, no obligation appointment and consultation at our central London clinic to examine your symptoms and discuss your options. Then, if you choose to proceed with treatment, our in-house registered pharmacy will prescribe or supply you with the remedies that our experts have decided would bring you the best results. We also offer regular check-ups to track your progress during the treatment programme.

If you live abroad or a long distance from London, we also offer a mail-order service. Simply fill in our online diagnostic form, and one of our experts will examine your case and prepare a treatment package that will be dispatched to you via the post. So don’t delay get in touch today! You can call us on 0800 077 6666, or contact us online.

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