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Catching Up With New ‘Hair Loss’ Products

At Belgravia, we are constantly checking up on the status of new hair loss products. Whilst there are only two hair loss medications that have been licensed or approved by the UK and US medical regulatory bodies (the topical treatment minoxidil and the daily tablet Propecia) there are always new products out there to investigate that claim to have some level of impact on hair loss.

Kérastase Densifique

The first recent purported hair loss treatment is L’Oreal’s Kérastase Densifique, which claims to ‘reawaken’ dormant hair cells. L’Oreal have previously stated that in a study of 101 people, there was an increase of 4% in the number of hairs participants had. However, despite this product now being available widely in salons, Belgravia couldn’t find any comprehensive reviews of the treatment online. If anyone has had experience of using this product, feel free to leave a comment on this post.


Another product that has been much talked about is TRX2, produced (according to the product website) by a team of scientists. The website claims that it can bring about the “cessation of hair loss” the “promotion of hair growth” and create “visibly stronger and thicker hair”. However, the small print of the website states that the product is a “patent pending food supplement” that “contains nutrients that help promote and sustain normal hair growth”. Again, after looking online, we can’t find any detailed independent appraisals of TRX2, and welcome anyone to contribute anecdotes of their experience with the product.

Medically Proven Treatment

Whilst the claims that both of the above hair loss products make are exciting and interesting, it’s worth keeping in mind that neither of them are proven hair loss medications. In order to achieve the status of Propecia and minoxidil, rigorous clinical testing is needed to prove to the MHRA and the FDA that the medications do more than just enhance existing hair: they are both proven to treat hair loss and help hair to regrow.

Propecia works by blocking DHT, the naturally occurring androgen  hormone that causes hair loss in those with an inherited sensitivity to it. In those who express the trait of hair loss, this occurs because DHT causes follicular miniaturisation to occur, whereby thinner, weaker hairs are produced. Blocking DHT has no negative effects on the male body after puberty, though it can prevent baldness.

Minoxidil, unlike Propecia, is a dose dependent medication. This means that depending on the type and level of your hair loss, different formulations can be added to your bespoke treatment plan up to our extra-strength minoxidil cream, which treats even stubborn hair loss. Belgravia also combine their minoxidil formulations with added ingredients that appear to block DHT when applied locally, such as azelaic acid, offering an added dimension to the hair loss treatment process.

We understand that the world of hair loss treatments can be confusing, so at Belgravia every aspect of your treatment plan is taken care of by a dedicated hair loss specialist, who will guide you through the medications and select a variety of hair growth boosters to complement them. We also understand how important it is for patients to see their hair growth progressing, so close clinical monitoring is standard procedure.

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The Belgravia Centre—————————————————————————————————–

The Belgravia Centre is the leader in hair loss treatment in the UK, with two clinics based in Central London. We offer clinically proven treatments for hair loss, as part of comprehensive treatment programmes offered by our hair loss specialists. Our in-house pharmacies produce high-strength medications for hair loss that contain medically proven ingredients and are available at no other clinic worldwide. Treatment programmes are available by visiting the centres or for home-use, anywhere in the UK or the rest of the world. View our hair loss success stories, which are the largest collection of such success stories in the world and demonstrate the levels of hair regrowth that so many of Belgravia’s patients achieve. You can also phone 0800 077 6666 for our hair loss helpline or to arrange a free consultation.

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