Catching It Early: Young People and Hair Loss

Balding HeadHair loss

is commonly associated with getting older. Many people experience thinning hair as they advance in years, with some 80% of men having developed some degree of baldness by their late 60s. Women too are not immune; after the menopause, the rate of hair growth slows dramatically, leading to hair becoming finer and more sparse even if it isn’t lost altogether.

Hair loss: not just an issue for the elderly

However, it is also true that hair loss can affect people at all stages of life. Whether it is as a symptom of a health issue for instance, malnutrition, or treatments such as chemotherapy - or another hair loss condition, baldness, patchiness and thinning can strike young and old alike. Even many of the more common, progressive hair loss conditions, like Androgenic Alopecia, frequently start to become evident at a comparatively young age with most men who experience Male Pattern Baldness showing some thinning by the age of 30. Men as young as 18 sometimes notice their hairlines receding. Women can also experience a form of Pattern Hair Loss; in fact, it is the most common condition we treat in women at The Belgravia Centre.

Time is of the essence

As with many hair loss conditions, the earlier you seek treatment, the better. Once a part of your scalp has gone completely bald, it can be difficult to encourage that region to regrow the hair it once supported. By acting early, many of our younger patients experience particularly good results.

Jonny Harris, director of The Belgravia Centre, is a prime example of this: “My Grandfather (on my Mum’s side) was completely bald by his late 20’s.  I myself started losing my hair at the age of about 21 I’d notice it coming out when I put wax in my hair in the morning, and I’d see my hair all over the floor of the shower.  Although I could see my hair coming out, my hair thinning wasn’t really visible at the time.  I began to use treatment and since then I have had no further thinning I am now almost 27.”

That was three years ago and now, at almost 30, Jonny's hair is still flourishing. Jonny is not the only who has received effective treatment with The Belgravia Centre - for further details on the results we achieve for our patients, you can read the hundreds of success stories that are available in our online archives which include comments and photos.

If you are experiencing symptoms of hair loss and want to begin a treatment programme tailored to your specific needs, get in touch with us today to book a free, no-obligation consultation. You can call on 0800 077 6666, or complete our online contact form. Alternatively, if you can’t make it into the clinic, you can fill out our online diagnostic form, which enabled us to post you a home use treatment course no matter where you are in the world.

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