fbpx Can You Treat Men’s Hair Loss Caused by Androgenetic Alopecia?
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Can You Treat Men’s Hair Loss Caused by Androgenetic Alopecia?


A Guide to Hair Loss and What You Can Do - The Belgravia Centre

Absolutely. Hair loss treatment for Male Pattern Baldness is by far the most popular service here at The Belgravia Centre.

We provide the most effective hair loss treatment programme available, which uses a combination approach involving clinically-proven medications. Belgravia also offers a number of exclusive hair growth supporting products.

Whilst each patient will have unique patterns of hair thinning, these hair loss programmes are designed by The Belgravia Centre’s experts to work most effectively in reversing Male Pattern Baldness.

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If you are unable to attend one of our Central London clinics in Victoria or Liverpool Street, please fill out our Online Diagnostic Form and a dedicated hair loss professional will be in touch with an assessment of your condition and personalised treatment recommendations.

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