Can You Treat a Thinning Crown in Men with Afro Hair?'

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Question: Hi, I have afro hair and a thinning crown - do you have hair loss treatments that will work for me?

Answer: Hi Jack, it is absolutely possible to treat men with afro hair who are suffering from a thinning crown - or any other signs of male pattern hair loss.

The two medically-proven male hair loss treatments can be used by men of all races, assuming their suitability has been professionally assessed by a hair loss specialist first. After carrying out a medical background and lifestyle check, an expert will be able to tailor a bespoke treatment plan based upon your specific needs and level of thinning.

Hair growth boosters, which form part of a comprehensive treatment course, are also suitable for men with afro hair. However, the HairMax LaserComb has only been tested on fairer skin types rather than dark brown or black skin. That said, many of Belgravia's black clients enjoy using them and have not reported any issues.

One element of Belgravia's service that we find both men and women with afro hair often enjoy is our Clinical Therapy.

Each therapy session takes place in a private treatment room at one of our Central London hair loss clinics. Clients are treated to a number of relaxing, spa-like services, from head massage and steaming to LED and Low Level Laser Therapy. Designed to stimulate blood flow to the hair follicles and promote healthy regrowth as well as soothing the scalp, the type and mix of treatments given is personalised to care specifically for the client's hair type and stage of hair loss. As afro hair can be particularly dry, intensive conditioning treatments prepared in-house and expertly applied by our clinicians, can leave clients with smooth, nourished hair.

As a further benefit, Belgravia's range of shampoos and conditioners also includes options especially formulated for afro hair. These are included free of charge with most hair loss treatment courses.

To see many examples of clients with afro hair who are following Belgravia treatment courses for male pattern hair loss, please visit our Hair Loss Success Stories. These will give you an idea as to the type of regrowth results these clients have seen and the length of time it has taken them to achieve them.

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