Can You Make My Hair Grow Without Minoxidil?'

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Question: Hi. Is there a way i can make my hair grow without using minoxidil? I know minoxidil is something you have to take forever once started, and i don't want to...

Answer: Hi, Giulia. This is slightly tricky to answer in that you don't mention if you are experiencing hair loss or if you just want help in getting your hair to grow longer.

In terms of hair loss conditions, if you are affected it would depend on the cause of your shedding as to how long you would need to use minoxidil for - this is not a 'forever treatment' in every case.

Belgravia Centre Hair Vitalics Dietary Supplement Hair Growth Booster plus MinoxidilFor instance, if you have patchy hair loss - where areas of hair fall out quite suddenly - this is likely to be the autoimmune condition, Alopecia Areata. We have seen significant regrowth results in many Belgravia clients who have used high strength minoxidil to treat this type of hair fall and, once the hair has regrown, it is no longer necessary to continue using the treatment.

This is also the case for temporary hair loss caused by Telogen Effluvium or Chronic Telogen Effluvium, as well as in instances of Traction Alopecia - once the hair loss has stopped and regrowth gets to a satisfactory level, it is not generally necessary to continue using minoxidil.

If you have androgenic alopecia we would definitely recommend using minoxidil as this is the only clinically-proven treatment for female pattern hair loss. As this condition is genetic permanent and degenerative, the treatment would need to be followed on an on-going basis.

Alternatively, if you are simply looking to be able to grow your hair longer and are not experiencing any form of thinning hair, there is a natural hair growth booster we would recommend. This can also be used in conjuction with treatment for all the conditions listed above, apart from Alopecia Areata, in order to promote healthy regrowth.

Hair Vitalics, a natural daily dietary supplement, was specially designed by Belgravia's experts to improve the hair's health, strength and vitality. These tablets contain a blend of hair-friendly vitamins, minerals, amino acids and botanical extracts and are both salt and gluten free. They are also suitable for vegetarians and are available to both clients and non-clients. If you are not a Belgravia client and wish to purchase some you can drop by one of our Central London hair loss clinics to pick some up, or if you contact the centre we can arrange for some to be sent out to you.

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