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Question: Been diagnosed after blood tests with Alopecia Areata, I currently have 2 round bald spots on my scalp and have some white facial hair. Would love some help!

Answer: Hi, Shane. We can of course help you with your Alopecia Areata. The two rounded bald patches on your scalp caused by this autoimmune disorder can be treated by our specialists.

Belgravia has seen many Alopecia Areata Treatment Success Stories thanks to using personalised treatment courses featuring recommended high strength minoxidil products. These are applied directly to the scalp where you have lost your hair, as directed by your dedicated specialist. This treatment cannot be used on the face though.

When alopecia areata affects facial or beard hair it is often known as Alopecia Barbae. This is not something we can treat, however, the white colouring can be a sign that hair growth has started again naturally as even with alopecia hair loss from the scalp, when normal hair production resumes it can produce colourless, white or pale cream regrowth. This lack of pigmentation tends to last a few hair growth cycles and the natural hair colour should return of its own accord.

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