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Question: Hi my hair line is receding and i really don't like it. i heard it genetics but none of my family member has a receding hairline. can you help me out with solutions

Answer: Hi Gabriel. You heard right, your receding hairline is more than likely down to genetics as it is a classic sign of male pattern baldness.

Solutions for a Receding HairlineThe predisposition to genetic hair loss - also known as androgenic alopecia or female or male pattern hair loss - is inherited from your parents. It can be passed on by either of your parents' blood lines although recent research suggests it is more likely to be inherited from your father.

You do not have to be losing your hair to carry the hair loss gene. One or both of your parents may possess gene without it being active - if they have the gene but it is inactive they will not display signs of hair loss. It is only when the gene becomes 'expressed' (active) that DHT begins to attack the hair follicles around the top of the head, leading to the miniaturisation process associated with this hair loss condition. In men this displays outwardly as either thinning hair or as a receding hairline - or both.

There are clinically-proven treatments for male pattern hair loss which are suitable for regrowing a receding hairline. Most notably, we have found using high strength minoxidil has produced significant regrowth results for many Belgravia clients. Minoxidil is applied directly to the hairline - or wherever it is needed, as directed by your Treatment Advisor - and helps to stimulate the follicles, increasing blood flow and nutrient delivery to the affected areas.

Hairlines are stubborn areas and can be the slowest to grow back. A hair loss specialist will be able to diagnose your stage of shedding and recommend the most effective, personalised treatment options to prevent further receding and get you on the road to regrowth.

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