Can You Help Me With Head Pain and Hair Loss?'

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Question: Hello i got a pain from my head all the time my hair isnt healthy its fallin out and it does hurt all the time i feel really bad when its start hurts can you please help to find out what wrong with me thank you

Can You Help Me With Head Pain and Hair Loss?Answer: Hi, Lenka. This is a difficult issue to advise you on without further information and ideally having a hair loss specialist carry out an assessment. Also, because you mention having a constant pain in your head - and hair loss conditions tend to be physically painless - we would recommend you visit your doctor for a check up first.

From what you have said, if the pain is like a tingling sensation, this could be Burning Scalp Syndrome which is often reported to be a sign of genetic hair loss. This type of scalp dysesthesia can occur when a large number of follicles enter the telogen (resting) phase of the hair growth cycle at once. This feeling tends to subside on its own, however, the hair loss that it is alerting you to will not.

Female pattern hair loss is a progressive condition which affects the top of the scalp only and displays as thinning hair in women. Often this is most noticeable at the parting, which can start to look wider than usual, and around the temples.

Another possible explanation is that you may have an underlying health issue which is causing the headaches, and your hair is distressed as a side effect of that illness, or any medication you may be taking to help treat it.

This type of hair loss, where the strands appear dull and brittle due to malnourishment, is known as Telogen Effluvium. It tends to last up to six months and can occur when the body needs to conserve its resources and prioritises, for example, fighting an illness, over hair growth. In doing so it diverts nutrients away from the hair follicles which results in diffuse hair fall from all over the scalp. Although this condition is temporary, if the underlying cause is not dealt with it can progress to a Chronic stage, and it can also trigger female pattern hair loss in those with a genetic predisposition to this hereditary condition.

It is generally possible to regrow hair lost to both of these conditions - which can present individually or simultaneously - by following a comprehensive treatment plan. Treatment for Telogen Effluvium and female pattern hair loss treatment courses are both based around topical applications of minoxidil. This has been seen to produce significant regrowth results in women, and can be used alongside hair growth boosters, such as Hair Vitalics dietary supplements to improve the condition and strength of the hair.

However, as before, we would definitely recommend you speak to your doctor first before seeking any form of hair loss treatment given you are experiencing physical pain.

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