Can You Give Me Tips to Regrow Hair Around the Hairline?

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Name: Jax

Question: I have male pattern baldness in the shape of an M. Can you give me some tips for how to regrow hair around my hairline?

Answer: Hi, Jax. The M-shaped pattern of hair loss you describe is extremely common and is known as a widow's peak.

receding hairline can be one of the trickier areas to treat as the hair around the temples is the slowest growing scalp hair. In cases of advanced Male Pattern Baldness where it has been left unchecked for a significant length of time, and where the skin that is now visible at each temple has taken on a smooth, shiny appearance, it may not be possible to treat at all. This is because it is a sign that the hair follicles have deteriorated to the point where they are incapable of producing normal hair growth, even with treatment.

That said, in the majority of instances where hair is still present in the receded areas - even if it is fine and thinning - there are solutions available.

There are two clinically-proven, MHRA licensed and FDA approved male hair loss treatments, one oral and one topical. Either or both can be used by those deemed medically suitable, in order to help stabilise shedding, promote regrowth and prevent baldness. No other treatments or natural remedies exist that have been proven and officially recognised for this purpose.

The oral tablet finasteride 1mg is taken once per day to help inhibit the formation of DHT - the hormone responsible for causing thinning hair and receding in cases of genetic hairloss. Whilst finasteride's action helps to deter the cause of Male Pattern Baldness, its effect on the hairline is unproven.

Topical formulations of high strength minoxidil are applied directly to the scalp where needed in order to encourage accelerated hair growth. These can be particularly useful when treating stubborn areas, such as the hairline.

Additional hair growth supporting products can also be used alongside the established medications in order to further enhance the approach and hair quality.

In order to receive personalised recommendations as to the types of treatment best suited to your specific situation, we advise having a consultation with a specialist. This can be done in person at one of Belgravia's Central London or City of London hair loss clinics, or remotely via our website Online Consultation form which allows you to upload photos.

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