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‘Can You Give Me Advice on Treating Female Pattern Hair Loss?’


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Name: Betul

Question: Hello, I’m 19/female and I’m from Turkey. I found this web site while I was searching my disease. Doctors said that I have female pattern hair loss. At first, I tried mesotherapy and PRP 2 years ago. It stopped and re-growed my hair but it is not a permanent solution so 2 months ago another doctor gave me pills and minoxidil. At the same time, I discover the Aveda and the people who work there said it is natural treatment for hair loss. Therefore, I chose Aveda and I have been using the Aveda products about 3 weeks. As a result, my hair loss has increased so much and I’m very worried about this condition. Because of I live in a different country, can you give me any advice? Can I order your high strength minoxidil or the minoxidil that I can get at the pharmacy is enough?

Answer: Hi, Betul. Female pattern hair loss is a permanent condition and so treatment is on-going – there is not a one-off cure available.

The reason for this is that, similarly to how plaque builds up on the teeth so you need to brush your teeth regularly to prevent decay, the hair around the top of the head in people who have a genetic predisposition to this type of hereditary hair loss is susceptible to a ‘build-up’ of an enzyme called DHT. This binds to the hair follicles and gradually weakens the hair making it appear thinner and eventually fall out. Treatment can discourage the DHT, helping to promote healthy, uninhibited hair growth.

There are no medically-proven natural hair loss treatments as yet; there is only one clinically-proven medication to treat hair loss in women and that is minoxidil, which you mention you have tried. There are many different formulations available and the range of high strength minoxidil products Belgravia offers has been seen to produce significant results for women with thinning hair, as you can see from the image here and from our Female Pattern Hair Loss Treatment Success Stories gallery.

In addition to using pharmaceutical treatment to aid regrowth and prevent further shedding there are various products known as hair growth boosters. These can be of benefit when used alongside pharmaceutical treatment and include LLLT – low level laser therapy – delivered through the FDA-cleared HairMax Lasercomb, and dietary supplements such as Hair Vitalics to improve the condition and strength of the hair.

PRP comes under the booster category; a recent clinical trial discovered that PRP cannot treat hair loss effectively on its own but could prove useful when used in conjunction with hair loss treatments. Mesotherapy is not proven either and the Aveda products are most likely used to give a cosmetic boost to the thickness of your hair rather than actually treating your hair loss, which applies to all shampoos for thinning hair.

Unfortunately Turkey is one of the destinations our international service is currently unable to cover, however, if you read through this information you can ask a local specialist if they are able to offer anything similar.

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