Can You Get Finasteride Without a Prescription?'

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Name: Ed

Question: Can you get finasteride without a prescription? I want to use it to stop my hair thinning which I'm sure is Male Pattern Baldness because it runs in my family. I just don't want to ask my doctor about it so want to know how else I can get it.

Answer: Hi, Ed. Oral finasteride 1mg is a prescription-only treatment for Male Pattern Hair Loss. It should only be given to appropriate candidates who are aged 18 years and over.

finasteride DHT blocker 1mg mens hair loss treatment tablet

Finasteride is not available on the NHS as a hair loss treatment and is currently only available via a private prescription.

It cannot legally be sold in the UK without a prescription, but if you do not wish to visit your GP, there are alternative options so you can obtain the necessary advice and, if you are deemed medically suitable, prescription.

For example, at Belgravia each patient's finasteride prescription is authorised by a qualified pharmacist prescriber, overseen by an experienced doctor, at the dedicated, licensed hair loss pharmacies in each clinic.

This applies to clients who come in to one of our London hair loss clinics in person to collect their products, as well as those whose treatment is posted to them and whose initial consultation takes place online.

Should you wish to start using finasteride or any other form of Male Hair Loss Treatment, it is vital you purchase these from a reputable, licensed source after being deemed suitable by a medical professional.

The UK watchdog, the Medicines and Healthcare products Regulatory Agency (MHRA) has been very clear in its numerous warnings regarding purchasing medications from unlicensed retailers.

Firstly, without the proper professional medical advice, you will not know if the medication is suitable for you. Secondly, if you buy medication from an unlicensed or unofficial source you have no way of knowing exactly what you are getting.

The drugs you buy believing they are 'finasteride 1mg' may be counterfeit, expired or something completely different to what they are sold as; packaging is easy to replicate so don't let that fool you. Illegal and fake drugs, as well as those that are mis-sold, can have many negative possible consequences, from wasting good money on an ineffective product, through to potentially fatal side effects.

If you are concerned about thinning hair it is wise to consult a specialist who can determine the treatments, and any hair growth supporting products, which may be best-suited to your situation and medical profile.

They are used to seeing many, many people every day with the same issues you are experiencing so there is no need for embarrassment. They will provide reassurance and support in addition to realistic hair loss advice, which will hopefully make you feel comfortable as well as fully informed.

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