Can You Catch Hair Loss or Scalp Conditions From a Hairbrush?'

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Question: Is it ok to borrow someone else's hairbrush? Can you catch anything if you do, like a hair loss condition or scalp problems? Also how often should I clean my hairbrush? I don't have anything wrong with my hair or head

Answer: Hi, Cassidy. It is extremely rare to catch anything from using someone else's hairbrush but it is still inadvisable to do so.

As far as hair loss goes, there are very few conditions that are contagious. Hair lice is an obvious concern but in so far as actual hair loss conditions are concerned, Tinea Capitis is contagious but tends to only affect children, so this is less of a risk than catching a scalp condition - which is still something of a rarity.

Try to wash your brush every week or, if you feel it needs it, even after each use is fine. It is wise to wash it as often as possible in order to keep it clean. Always remove hairs after using and give the brush a rinse between washes if you do not wash it daily. An added incentive to keeping your brush clean is that this can help to avoid fly away hair as an unclean hairbrush can build up a static charge, particularly if it is made of plastic.

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